Simplifying Spirituality

I am an ordinary woman who has undergone an extraordinary spiritual awakening. Because my life has been transformed, I am committed to assist those, like you, who are ready and willing to step out of their comfort zone and fully embrace their magnificence. Although I teach timeless wisdom, I offer it in a simple to understand and super-easy-to-apply way.

In this website, I gift you everything I know. And that is simply this: there are only two ways to experience life. One is with love, the other is through fear. One way is natural and unites us, while the other is learned and divides us. One is of God, the other of ego. One is based on Truth and the other on illusions. My desire is to help you become aware of the subtle, yet profound differences between these two perspectives, so that choosing love will become natural to you.

Please know that you are not alone. Although there are many paths that point to awakening, there is only one absolute Truth, and I desire for Truth to accompany you, on whatever path you are on. Empowered with this awareness, your transformational journey will be smoother, shorter, and yes, more joyful to navigate. Life is supposed to be FUN adventure, and within us are all the answers to achieve this…Please allow me to be your guide!

Awakening is the process of remembering we are all equal in the eyes of God/Source/Creator. Curiosity will lead you to the door of awakening, and your conscious willingness and commitment to know Truth, will open it and set you free. I assure you, if I can awaken, anybody can, and together we shall experience heaven on earth!

You are magnificent…yes you are!

“Awakening is the gift God/Source offers to those who commit to the path of Self-Awareness.”  — Laina



 Created exclusively for DailyOM.Com,  Dissolve Illusion in the Light of Truth is an 8 week tele-seminar, designed to guide you on an inward journey, through the six phases, we all experience, from conception to enlightenment. As you explore these phases, within your own life, you will become aware that from conception, what you really are is the pure essence of God/Source/Love. You will be guided into experiencing your magnificence, as you remember that what is infinite and divine about you is a reflection of the Source of All That Is,  which created you whole, perfect and complete! 

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Do you want to feel good at will? Are you willing to shift your perspective?  Can you handle the truth? Are you really ready to give up being right, and see what else is possible that could bring more love, joy and peace in to your life?  

The complimentary Shift & Lift! worksheet, is a self-awareness tool, that is self-paced, and will assist you in identifying the fear based beliefs, that cause you to experience stress, resentments, and separation from what matters most to you. Awareness of all of our beliefs, allows us to consciously choose  between love and fear.                                                                                                                  When we shift our thoughts, we lift our vibration!

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Change, Change, change!


Hello my magnificent peeps! As you may know, the last year and a half has been a time of great upheaval for me…in a great way! First, Ken and I divorced in 2014 and transitioned our relationship from a legal commitment, back to just two Souls loving each other without expectations. Although this is unconventional,
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Wake Up!

Wake Up!

The Wake Up Calls Our spiritual awakening is much the same as awakening from a good night’s sleep. And just as we all awaken from physical slumber, we are each destined to awaken from our ego induced unconscious slumber. The only real choice is: how do you want to experience the wake up calls? Just
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I need to know!

I need to know

I need to know! Are you aware that our “need to know” is one of the many ways our ego runs our life? Our “need to know” is a learned behavior. After all, we spent twelve plus years being schooled in what others believe we needed to know, in order for us to become someone.
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My Crazy Bipolar Ego!

my crazy bipolar ego - pic monkey

Are you enjoying this bipolar  weather as much as I am? One day it’s spring, and the next winter. One day is dry, and the next wet. The high reaches 71 on Tuesday, and by Thursday it’s down to 28. This clearly reminds me of the bipolar nature of my egoc-mind: one day I’m happy, and
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Success Stories


POA has been a turning point in my life, my work and mostly in me. I feel so clear, and I am standing in my power, probably for the first time in my life. I now see how I have been sabotaging myself and operating in constant chaos, drama and always feeling used or victimized.
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POA is a life changing course that takes “The Secret” one step further. I learned how to identify my fears and discover the lesson each brings. I gained the tools to help me manifest all of my possibilities. I now recognize my greatness and I believe it! Thank you!

M. D.

POA helped me take apart the “seams” that enclose me, and I began to explore the infinite possibilities that are outside the comfortable protective façade we present to the world. I opened the door to my heart and put the power of my mind in service to my spirit.

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