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Your Soul’s Awakening and Spiritual Ascension Coach!

“Eternal Life, Freedom, and Happiness are your God given Birthright.”

Laina makes Spiritual Ascension Simple, Fun, and Easy to Understand and Apply!!

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The Soul’s Journey Master Class will introduce you to the 6 phases of your Soul’s Journey from Conception to Enlightenment, for you to explore what Spiritual Ascension is all about. 

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Dear beloved, what magnificent times we are living in! 

Awakening is messy, painful, and dangerous, but only to an ego losing its grip on its human identity. In contrast, to our Soul, Awakening is a masterful, playful, and Divine game of hide and seek. Clearly, the Soul knows the rules of the game!

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is the perfect manual that explains the ego’s descent into separation, which humanity has been in for millennia, while at the same time guiding all willing Souls through the journey of Spiritual Ascension.

The design of the ACIM teachings, esoteric, mystical, and psychological, can seem overwhelming, unattainable and confusing. However, under Jesus’ guidance, I am able to simplify the teachings making them fun and easy to understand and therefore applicable to everyday life, especially during these auspicious times. This talent allows me to assist serious students in experiencing the clear distinction between the voice of their ego and the voice for God, where all clarity, certainty, and serenity abide. It is this distinction between ego and God’s voices that allows us to Awaken and Ascend.

Those who chose the path of Spiritual Ascension have a vital role in co-creating A New Earth, which ACIM describes as a Happy Dream. If you feel this calling, I invite you to partake in my online courses, live classes, free offerings, and workshops where I teach you to ground yourself in the feeling of home were your Soul resides and you must enter to Awaken. 

My sincere desire is to awaken humanity to the eternal magnificence of our God-given Soul. It’s time we return home! To our heart. To Love. To God! 

“You are as certain of arriving home as is the pathway of the sun laid down before it rises, after it has set, and in the half-lit hours in between. Indeed, your pathway is more certain still.” – A Course In Miracle

Laina’s Students say it Best

Kathy Shaul

Laina is a beautiful soul and a passionate and gifted teacher with the ability to communicate information in a way that leaves you hanging on every word. She’s fun to study with and makes learning easy and interesting. Laina simplifies the journey of spiritual ascension through A Course In Miracles and makes it come to life, so you’ll stick with it. You’ll feel fully supported while making your own amazing discoveries along the way.


I’m grateful beyond words that Laina Orlando became my spiritual guide of light & love on this beautiful journey towards a deeper connection with God.  Laina is so gifted in making A Course in Miracles understandable through spiritual ascension and ego awareness. She is unwavering in her love of God & all of God’s creations. I also appreciate how she shares her life experiences to make lessons more clear. I’ve been a student of Laina’s for 7-8 years & will continue to be. My humble opinion is that Laina’s the BEST!!


Laina is a teacher without peers. She is unsurpassed and unparalleled in her ability to share her wisdom of spiritual ascension and especially the teachings of A Course In Miracles. Laina brings it into everyday life so that her students do indeed experience the miracles of a shift in perception. She lives her truth and walks her talk. Laina has been a shining example for me of unconditional love, unwavering support, and generosity of spirit. For those of us who have studied with Laina, I believe it is safe to say that our lives will never be the same due to her unwavering commitment to truth and how life can be fun and easy if we make that choice.

Antonio Thornton

One word – amazing!

As a fellow trainer of Law of Attraction teachings, I participated in Laina’s 4-day Power of Awareness workshop as a “peer review”; however, I got so much more than I expected! This workshop was truly enlightening – particularly, the exercises…they were very revealing and helped deepen my understanding of my true self. I’d recommend anyone looking to drastically shift their life from ordinary to EXTRAordinary to take the POA workshop – RIGHT NOW!

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The 365 Daily Lessons from A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is a self-study program with a unique and radical approach designed to achieve a consistent state of happiness, peace, and freedom by its principles.

During this 365 day journey, Laina Orlando simplifies A Course In Miracles, so that its profound teachings can become EASY to understand and SIMPLE to apply in your life!

To awaken humanity to the magnificence within, through the power of spiritual awareness