Can you believe it’s already October?

As 2021 is winding down, those spiritually tuned in to what is going on now that we are on the cusp of completing with the old world, as the New Earth is emerging before our very eyes!

I have been preparing to serve in this Great Awakening, so I am beyond excited to invite you to celebrate a significant milestone with me! Today I am offering the online course I have been working on for several years. The Course is based on the 365 Daily Lessons from A Course In Miracles. Now my teachings can be more accessible to those drawn to navigate this Great Awakening with A Course In Miracles.

Almost every person I have ever met that studied A Course In Miracles shared how difficult it was to read, let alone comprehend, and apply to their lives until they came to my classes and heard me read the lessons and explain to them as I offered examples of how they transformed my own life.

My course has over 70 hours of recorded video time as I read every lesson and each supplemental section within the ACIM Workbook for Students. With each class, I explain the teachings making each simple to understand and easy to apply to the students’ lives.

Here’s what one of my longtime students has to say about these lessons:

The best part of attending Laina’s classes and having her as my coach for the last six years is that she has made A Course In Miracles SIMPLE to understand and EASIER to apply to my own life. She has helped me understand and see my EGO in action, which has helped me appreciate the course’s importance as a powerful transformation process. On my own, I couldn’t understand ACIM, which is why I am very grateful for Laina’s ability to teach it and live its lofty principles. Although I have gone to many other ACIM teachers, none seem to live it and make it easy to understand, so I always come back to Laina. She has a natural gift for ACIM and makes it fun to learn. Her online 365 ACIM Lessons are like having Laina in my pocket!

– Jody Rendell, CEO Entrepreneur

One of the most exciting and humbling experiences of my life has been sharing the Course In Miracles with my students and coaching clients. While I realize that each of us is the Light of the world, meaning we are already enlightened, precisely as God created us to be, thanks to ACIM, I have come to understand how we have all fallen asleep and dream a dream of separation and suffering.

It is precisely this dream–illusion–made up by our ego that we are waking up from. However, no one can awaken without understanding the ego, and the spiritualized ego is the hardest to see, especially if we think we are awake! Helping people see–really see, their ego is what allows them to receive and apply the ACIM teachings. As one of my students says, that’s my secret sauce!

Because I’ve been blessed with the ability to start awakening in this lifetime thanks to the ACIM teachings and the guidance I receive from Jesus, I recognize that my purpose is to assist those ready to face the darkness and delusion of the ego-made dream as they remember and reclaim their inner Light.

Because the 365 Daily lessons are so detailed, with information, examples from my life, and practical tips on applying them, it’s like having Laina in your pocket–every day–for an entire year coaching you along the path to a miracle filled life!

If you are inspired to check out my new online course, or maybe you’re already familiar and live the ACIM teachings but know someone who would enjoy a year of my teachings in a very intimate and private way, please use this link to learn more and to share!

365 A Course In Miracles

Living A Course In Miracles!

Many of you who coach with me or attend the FREE Wednesday at noon workshops have made it clear that you want an ACIM community. Here it is! We are meeting via zoom and will have an opportunity to talk about how to apply the teachings to our everyday lives, especially as the world the ego made to block God’s Love and Light continues to unravel faster.

Grounded in the ACIM Truths, we can navigate the waters of change, especially as the ego-driven “authorities” continue to generate mandates to suppress the Holy Children God created sovereign and free!

“Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all. Light is not of the world, yet you who bear the Light are alien here as well. The Light came with you from your native home and stayed with you because it is your own.” ~ A Course In Miracles

With love, deep gratitude, and excitement for what’s shifting,