My honey, Christo, and I were in Nashville, TN, at the Truth About Cancer Conference, and it was magnificent!

We decided to attend because we wanted to be in the same space with many Teachers of Truth from areas currently under “attack,” such as medicine, education, religion, and politics. As you can imagine, from the conference title: The Truth About Cancer, many of the speakers are scientists, doctors, virologists, and in various fields of holistic and natural medicine. These natural areas of human life are portals for the Great Awakening we are currently undergoing.

It is invigorating being in one space with over two thousand seekers of Truth, even if most are on different levels of consciousness. I gauge levels of consciousness based on whether one is experiencing unshakable faith or excruciating fear and every level in between as we face the opportunity before us for Awakening.

I have met some because they had cancer and desire to complement their traditional allopathic treatment or want a complete alternative to Big Pharma’s standard of care. Some of the speakers on this subject included Dr. Terry Harmon and Dr. Patrick Quillin.

Some had their cancer cured by following the protocols of some of the speakers, and they attended to share their stories to give hope to those currently in the cancer trenches. The speakers who shared alternative healing methods were Dr. Edward Group, Dr.Darrell, and Dr. Thomas Lokensgard.

Some were there, like we were, to learn more about our immune system so that we can fortify our God-given immunity to maintain our health. The speakers we enjoyed who focused on this topic were David Avocado Wolf, Cherie Calbon, Jordan Rubin, and Rober Scott Bell.

Some came to connect with those fighting for medical freedom and want to be more active in the political process. We had great patriots, such as Gary Humble, Roger Stone, and Lisa Hill, engaged in the political trenches for this topic.

Some were there because they took the covid “vaccines,” which all speakers on the subject stated do not meet the definition of a vaccine as they are mRNA gene therapies. They wanted to learn how to treat their body appropriately to cleanse the toxins within the shots they regret taking. Dr. Tenpenny and Judy Mikovits were excellent speakers in this area.

Some were there because they loved God and the design of our human DNA and were deeply concerned with the dangers of the transhumanist agenda, which is the well-documented path the “vaccines” are facilitating. One of the top advocates for stopping this agenda, Dr. Carrie Madej, gave an excellent presentation that scared many into action.

And most were there because we did not comply with ungodly unnatural mandates, all formed based on lies, and wanted to be among like-minded patriots united on our chosen path. Some speakers that supported this stance included Alan Keys, Mel K, Mikki Willis, Eric Trump, John Schneider, and Scott McKay.

Among my favorite speakers were Alan Keys and Pastor Greg Locke. They spoke of the importance of remembering we are one with our Creator God. They stated the precise cause of the insanity we are facing is that we’ve been conditioned away from our Truth. Our work, then, is to wake up and remember that each of us is created in the image of God with love. It fascinates me how I am finding more similarities with A Course In Miracles lessons and some teachers of Christianity.

A common theme was woven throughout the conference to mention the importance of heeding the message Jesus, Gandhi, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr taught and died for. If we are awake to what is going on, we must heed the message that we must unite against the plague of corruption in government, big pharma, and the medical establishment. Del Bigtree closed the meeting by reminding us that we were born for such a time as this.

My main takeaway, which is in perfect alignment with what A Course In Miracles lessons have taught me, is to remember that we have chosen to experience separating from God and each other. Separation gives rise to the corrupted ego that insists on perpetuating lies of specialness that allow for humanity’s suffering to satisfy its evil ways. The only way to correct our divide is to wake up to our Oneness and end the lies that gave way to separation and hierarchy.

All master teachers, some who spoke at this event and those pointing at the Truth for millennia, say the same thing: we are the One brotherhood/sisterhood. Our salvation depends on loving our neighbors by learning first to love ourselves.

All systems, from education, government, medical, financial, religious, and social, have been corrupted by those who have made their power and money idolize the egos of their master. A course in miracles lessons helps us to identify our ego’s lies to heal our inner divide as we also learn to heal the divide the ego has created by casting God and others as enemies to be feared.

As difficult as it is to admit we have been bamboozled by those we idolized, we must accept that we have participated in sustaining the very nefarious system that is now giving us the inspiration to awaken and co-create a New Earth.

I am grateful to have been among my 2,000 plus holy brothers and sisters this weekend. We each feel the call to heal within, align with God as our only master, and stand firmly for everyone’s unalienable rights to life, freedom, and the ability to enjoy life in whatever way God inspires them!