Hello, Beautiful and Perfect Soul!

Last week, I posted a question on my Facebook page and the answers were so magnificent that I felt I should create a blog post just to preserve them! I read the answers over and over again, and each time my heart filled with gratitude for the way people “experience” God/Source/Universe, or whatever you wish to call The Creative Source of All That Is!

Here is the question: With One word, describe how YOU experience alignment with God.

My word is Innocence

Here are all of the answers, in order received:

1- Gratitude
2- Surrender
3- Grace & Play
4- Oneness
5- Stillness
6- Peace
7- Trust
8- Love
9- Bliss
10- Surrender
11- Laughter
12- Humbleness
13- Be
14- Awareness
15- Love
16- Gratitude
17- Love
18- Friend
19- Peace
20- Quiet
21- Gratitude
22- Reverence
23- Allow
24- Peace
25- Remembrance
26- Teaching
27- Tender
28- Nature
29- Wonder
30- Knowing
31- Listen
32- Knowing
33- Nature
34- Consciousness
35- Charity
36- Conversation
37- In-the-Flow
38- Gratitude
39- Breath
40- Home
41- Truth
42- Breath
43- Truth
44- Silence
45- Being
46- Synchronistically Awesome
47- Knowing
48- Ocean
49- Glory
50- Passion
51- Peace
52- Making Love
53- Intuition
54- Diverse
55- Peace
56- Tragedy
57- Nature
58- Love
59- Peace
60- Align – Allow – Let go
61- Joy
62- Openness
63- Compassion
64- Peace
65- Prayer
66- Release

These answers, except for # 56, are exactly what humans feel when we are in alignment with God. Therefore, when we are out of alignment with God we must feel the result of listening to the voices of our ego, or the “devil,” as Christianity calls it.  It really is this simple! Witnessing how many people have accepted feeling out of alignment with God, as “normal,” has made me more determined to share my work far and wide!

My Power of Awareness teachings includes the simple process called Shift & Lift, which is an exercise in conscious awareness. It teaches us to clearly identify if we are listening to the voice of ego, which always causes us to feel bad/closed off, and in unease that leads to dis-ease or, The Voice for God, which always makes us feel good/open, at ease and at peace.

To make my work more accessible, I have re-awakened and old call-in event I used to do, years ago, called Align with Laina. This time around I’m offering it on Monday’s at 12:00 pm EST as a Facebook Live event. Please click on this link for this Monday’s show: Align with Laina Live.