Hello, Magnificent Being of Love and Light!

How’s your summer coming along?

I wish I could say mine was wonderful because my sweetheart arrived from South Africa, but his flight was canceled — again! Although we are very grateful for the technology that allows us to connect daily, I sure long to kiss him and hold his hand! But, alas, it is what it is as we are both committed to making the best of what Covid has brought our way!

I have created another video presentation for you where I focus on the importance of understanding the distinct difference between observing the world through our ego’s need to control and our Soul’s curious nature.  

Although this distinction may not seem to be that important in a spiritual journey, I can assure you, no one awakens without mastering this. The reason is simple, the need to control comes from our ego’s deep-seated fear of death. 

To awaken requires our acceptance of our eternal nature, you can’t know you are eternal and also fear death. One belief cancels out the other. Anyone that lives in control, therefore, will not access the portal to awakening.

By the way, in my FREE Master Class, The Soul’s Journey, I speak in detail about the 6 phases we all travel from Conception to Enlightenment, which cover the Control and Curiosity phases in more detail. If you haven’t already watched that, I highly recommend you watch it because It is filled with wonderful information about why we are on this planet and what we are to do to awaken and be happy! 

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Click on this link to watch the video presentation between Control and Curiosity and enjoy expanding your awareness about how truly powerful and magnificent you are!

You are magnificent… yes, you are!

With Love, gratitude and tons of excitement,