Inspirational Articles by Laina Orlando

Wherever I go, there I am!

YAY… I’m back from a magnificent trip to France! It was truly wonderful, not because of the gorgeous setting or the 6 amazing friends I traveled with, rather, it was magnificent because of the ME that was Present through it all. This “ME” I’m speaking of is the...

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Awareness: Curse and Blessing!

As I shared a few weeks ago, I started dating Dan back in January. I also mentioned that I wasn’t sure where this relationship would go because it was “unpredictable.” Well, that’s not actually true. I’ll share shortly what I mean as I explain how it was quite...

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Untethered I Soar

Hello, Magnificent Being! When Ken and I met, in July 2008, we instantly knew we were soulmates. It wasn’t love at first sight, instead, for both of us, it was a remembering each other at first sighting. I can still feel the intensity of the love we felt. It was...

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Puppy and Kidneys and Mommy, Oh My!

Two weekends ago, while teaching The Power of Awareness workshop at the lake, my sweet puppy, Max, became very lethargic. Although he is fourteen and a half years young, he is a very healthy dog. Needless to say, I was very concerned, as were the workshop participants...

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Surrender…Damn It!

Yes, surrender is our friend, but not until we deliberately decide it’s not our foe! This crazy-ass spiritual ride we are all on, whether we realize it or not, is moving us closer and closer toward total liberation—ultimate freedom! This means that everything that...

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