Inspirational Articles by Laina Orlando

Seaside… Then & Now

Twenty years ago, my family and I vacationed near Seaside, FL. We had a lovely time driving there, setting up our temporary home in a condo on the beach, and enjoying our time away from the demands of work and school. Unbeknownst to me, back then, I existed in the...

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Musings from Ecuador and Holiday Cheers!

My experience in Ecuador was simply magnificent, not to mention life changing! There were so many amazing moments I could write pages and pages about, which I did, and emailed to those who contributed financially to my adventure, mostly while it was taking place....

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I’m headed to Ecuador

I can’t adequately tell you how excited, and honored, I am to share more information about my upcoming trip to Ecuador! This trip is more than a trip. Not only is it an incredible honor to have been invited to attend, but it is truly a magnificent opportunity to have...

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Turn Off Your Ego’s Drama!

One of the biggest obstacles we face in our desire to make this our best year actually lives inside our own minds. Most of us experience a flood of negative chatter on a daily basis that reminds us of our weaknesses and reinforces our limitations. For example, “I...

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Vote for Love or Fear

Tomorrow is a big day in history-not just for America, but also for Mother Earth-marked by the most contentious elections ever recorded. If we choose to focus on the differences offered by each candidate, we will certainly take sides, as each of us will be drawn to...

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I’m Responsible for This Experience

How many books have you purchased that teach you the Art of Unhappiness? Did you attended a seminar on how to work really hard but go nowhere? Maybe you subscribe to the magazine: Life’s a bitch and then you die? I bet you are laughing at my silliness, but one of the...

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