Parents often think that they are here to guide the little ones. When, in reality,
the little ones come forth with clarity to guide the parents.


Shift Your Parenting Mindset and Transform Your Relationship With Your Children, In Order to Co-Create Healthy, Strong, and Joyful Relationships!

The world’s current, and accepted, parenting style of “parent knows best” is an outdated model that leaves parents and their children disconnected, frustrated and disempowered.

Parents have unwittingly passed on to their children their own psychological wounds and emotional immaturity, which inevitably leads to power struggles and dysfunctional families.

The growing number of teen suicides, drug use and general disengagement by today’s youth, is the critical and necessary evidence for parents to recognize that another way of parenting is now being called for.



The solution to this universal problem is for adults to become conscious of the profound spiritual dynamic at play, available only through parenting.

Our children have a unique spiritual gift to offer us parents by allowing us to see our own inner child mirrored back to us, through our children.

Creating healthy and vibrant relationships requires that parents acknowledge their children as spiritual equals, in order to cultivate a partnership that allows all parties to engage in a wholehearted mind, body and spirit journey that is not only conscious and unconditionally loving, but deeply spiritual and sacred.

If You Are Ready Experience Joyful, Peaceful, and Meaningful Relationship With Your Children,
You Are Invited to Attend

The Conscious Parenting Workshop  

During the workshop you will discover how to:


Expand your awareness of the spiritual nature of parenting


Develop joyful cooperation with your children


Make conscious your unconscious parenting patterns


Learn to respond and give up reactions


Parent from love not fear


Connect more deeply with your children and your own parents


Gain tools and strategies conscious parents use


Reduce the occurrence of irritations and conflicts


Understand the importance of healing generational pain


Embrace change and transformation


Cultivate inner peace


Discover how to tap into your inner guidance & teach your child

Details for the Conscious Parenting Workshop


Presented by: Laina Orlando, Awareness Coach, Author and Conscious Parent


Date: Saturday, April 20, 2019


Time: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm


Place: Unity North 4255 Sandy Plains Rd. Room 5, Marietta, GA 30066


Price: $99


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Laina Orlando, and Awareness Coach and Teacher of Spiritual principles for over 13 years, has the unique advantage of having raised her oldest child as an unconscious parent, and her youngest children as a conscious parent. Although the experiences were
dramatically different, today, Laina shares a deeply connected, trusting and fun-loving
relationship with each of her children. Their relationship is more than just mother-
child, they are each other’s best friends.


Laina’s ability to help me see parenting from a different perspective was transformational and life-saving for me.  As my children entered their teen years my marriage also fell apart.  I was hobbling through life on one leg, at best.  Laina gently guided me to understand that part of what my children were going through was “normal.” I had to learn that they too have the Source of The Divine in them, and it is guiding their journey.  While I couldn’t be completely hands-off, I needed to shift my perception to trusting that The Divine was also supporting them, instead of believing that their seemingly bad choices were reflecting my poor parenting skills. Laina helped me become aware of my ego, and then get it out of the way, so that I could shift out of fear and tap into my intuition in order to empower my children to do the same. Although it took years of practice, today, my relationship with my children has never been healthier. I highly recommend Laina as a parenting coach!”

–Suzanne Bailey

“Laina is a transformative coach for those who want to shift and live a life free from bondage in anyway.  Her parenting coaching is amazing because we think it’s about the kids, but it’s always about us, the parent, and our need to heal our own childhood and shift what was unconscious into our conscious awareness. Once I shifted, the relationship with my daughter shifted. I used to blame my daughter for our issues and put her on the hook for how I felt, if she did, or didn’t, do something. Through my new awareness, now, her behavior doesn’t dictate my feelings or how I respond. Sure, it takes practice, but it is life changing. Laina is gifted in her way of simplifying the process so that I could become a conscious parent!”

– Jody Rendell

I am so grateful for studying a Course in Miracles with Laina, because it has done wonders for me, and for my relationships with my children. I have been wanting to be a more conscious parent and wasn’t sure where to start. It wasn’t until my exposure to Laina’s teachings that I began to see/fee/know what I needed to do to break the cycle of the old paradigm of parenting, and I began to embrace the new way of consciously parenting, which is still a work in progress. By applying the tools Laina is teaching me, my relationship with my kids is improving. My kids are 17yrs, 8yrs, and 4yrs old.  They are blossoming in magical ways and I know it’s because they now feel safe to express in ways they hadn’t before. They are opening up and talking to me more. It is so beautiful to witness and experience. I will always be grateful for the tools and knowledge I’ve gain from Laina’s teachings. I am looking forward to our continued growth, as a family, as I continue to become a more conscious parent. If youre wanting a healthier relationship with your kids, I truly recommend this workshop. Laina is an incredible teacher. Many Blessings!”

– Ella Noelle Star


I have four children – 2 girls (26 and 21) and 2 boys (18 and 4). I was an unconscious parent with my first three children, and it wasn’t until I met Laina, 6 years ago, that I started my own healing journey. I was a self-help junkie for years, before I met Laina. I was always reading books and searching for ways to become a better version of myself – it wasn’t until I started attending Laina’s workshops that I realized the difference between self-help and self-awareness! Self-help was trying to reinvent myself to fit my circumstances and self-awareness was the process of un-doing all that I was not (my ego,) so I could then consciously express my authentic and Divine Self! That is when the true transformation started to happen. During my work with Laina, I was able to see generational patterns that I was passing on to my children, which had been unconsciously passed down to me. I was able to heal the past through forgiveness and acceptance and then I was ready to start working on current, and past issues, with my own children. Our children not only show us the unhealed parts of ourselves, but they are our greatest teachers! The first game changer for me, in my conscious parenting journey, was that we are all born bearing gifts. As unconscious parents we tend to try to mold our children into individuals, we think will be best for them, through the filters of our own issues. We parent from a fearful place, which has been unconscious to us—out of our conscious awareness. Conscious parenting is always from a place of trusting the process, which can only come through unconditional love. However, we cannot help our children heal until we do our own healing work, and once that happens, it allows everyone the freedom to become their true self. I had a very broken relationship with my two daughters – Laina has been the gladiator that helped me work though all of my issues that kept me at odds with them – rejecting them because I was rejecting the unhealed parts in me. We now have an amazing and open relationship. They are doing their own healing work with me right by their side. My older son has a little way to go, but we are working through from a place of love. My youngest son is growing up with two conscious parents and he is allowed to be who he is meant to be and has been fully supported from the beginning. I could not have gotten here without Laina’s guidance. My husband and I now live a very transparent life with our children, and each is free to follow our own path with healthy boundaries and unconditional love! We each understand the ego and its tactics – so there is no judgment when one of us gets wrapped up in our heads. We speak freely about whatever it is we are going through, and the beautiful things is that we all work it out together! I am eternally grateful for Laina and all the work she does! All of this work has allowed me to stop passing down the chain of pain, which has changed the trajectory of the generations to come!”

– Irene Taylor


Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you, they belong not to you. –

 Kahlil Gibran