The Awareness academy introduces
“Awake Your Soul,Expand Your Awareness, Discover the Infinite Magnificance That Is YOU, Gain Clarity of Your Purpose, and Ignite Your Passion for Life, Joy and Love”

Did you know that you have two sides?

There is the natural you, the whole and complete expression of the Love that created you, which expresses from within and is commonly known as Soul or Spirit.

Then, there is your other side. We call it Ego. Ego is made of beliefs you learned as you innocently became conditioned to seek approval from outside of yourself—from others.

Becoming aware of how your human ego was formed, how you became lost inside of your ego-made illusory trance is the only way to undo the very thing that keeps you endlessly searching for what you already are: LOVE, JOY AND PEACE.

I would like to invite you to sign up for my 6-part video masterclass “The Soul’s Journey: 6 Phases from Conception to Enlightenment.”

The course is designed to offer you a comprehensive roadmap of the 6 phases within the spiritual journey everyone must travel from conception to enlightenment.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey, or you’re an avid and seasoned participant for years, decades or lifetimes, The Soul’s Journey course will assist you on making perfect and complete sense of how you, along with every other Divine Soul, became lost inside your ego-made illusory trance than has become your personal story.

Each lesson is designed to help you expend your self-awareness and offer you plenty of opportunities to experience your two sides: Essence and Ego – Love and Fear – Divine-Self and Human-Self.

It is the remembering of your Oneness with the Creator that allows you to reclaim your innate wellness, immeasurable abundance, eternal freedom, creativity beyond your wildest imagination, perfect peace, infinite potential, boundless joy and fun and the purest love, like that of an innocent child!

Explore the Infinite Nature of God/Source/Spirit and the Finite and Made-Up Illusion of the Ego.

I invite you to start your shift from listening to the ego voice, to committing to remember that who you truly are is already whole, perfect, complete and magnificent.

Let go of doubt and resistance to help unblock your awareness.

The Awareness academy introduces