“Expand Your Awareness ~ Awaken Your Soul ~  Claim Your Magnificence ~ Gain Clarity of Your Purpose  ~ Ignite Your Passion for Life, Joy and Love ~ Create a Fun and Easy Life  ~ Learn to Shift Your Thoughts and Lift Your Vibration!”

Are you aware that you have two sides?

There is the natural “YOU” that is whole and complete because it is an expression of the very Energy of Love that created you. This is commonly known as your Soul, or Spirit, and emanates from within you.

Then, there is your other side, the human side with and ego. Your ego is made of beliefs you learned as you innocently became conditioned to seek approval from outside of yourself—from others.

Becoming aware of how your human ego was formed, and exactly how you became lost inside of your ego-made trance, is the only way to undo—transcend—the very idea that keeps you endlessly searching for what you already innately are: LOVE, JOY & PEACE!

I invite you to sign up for my 6-part video master class, The Soul’s Journey, so that I can introduce you to the 6 Phases you are journeying through from Conception to Enlightenment.

The Awareness academy introduces

In this master class, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Become aware of why you believe what you believe
  • Contemplate the nature of your Indwelling Soul/Spirit
  • Discover how the human ego is formed
  • Gain compassion for yourself and others who played the game of life unaware of these rules
  • Be introduced to some new concepts, or delve deeper into those you are already aware of
  • Remember that you are Truly magnificent!

The Soul’s Journey is divided into the following six lessons.

Lesson 1: The Wonder Phase

Lesson 2: The Learning Phase

Lesson 3: The Control Phase

Lesson 4: The Curiosity Phase

Lesson 5: The Un-Learning Phase

Lesson 6: The Wisdom Phase

Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey, or you’re an avid and seasoned seeker at it for years, decades or even lifetimes, The Soul’s Journey will assist you in making perfect and complete sense of how you, along with every other Soul, became lost inside your ego-made story, which has become your personal identity.

Each of the 6 master class videos is designed to help you expand your self-awareness by offering you plenty of opportunities to understand your two sides: your Soul and your Ego. By the end of The Soul’s Journey, you will clearly see why you’ll want to Shift from your living with your ego’s fears and Lift into your Soul’s freedom!

OK, it’s time to let go of any doubt and resistance and start healing yourself by Awakening your Magnificence…Register below now!

With love, gratitude, and excitement,

The Awareness academy introduces