If you’ve been part of this community for a while, then I trust you know what awakening is. For those newer, please allow me to offer you a quick overview…

Awakening is a term that indicates that our Self-Awareness has expanded through our Spiritual Journey to accept and embody that we are, first and foremost, a loving Soul/Spirit having a human experience.

Once we are grounded in the fact that this is our Authentic Self, or True Self as some call it, we begin to remember that we are on this planet at this precise time in eternity to assist humanity with the collective’s shift from the denseness of human thinking, which is fear based, into the higher frequency of love, which is our Soul’s natural state of being.

Even during this difficult time, I am actually doing fantastic, precisely because I am aware that my awakening is aligned with humanity’s awakening.

You see, once I awakened to the Truth that our Soul is a physical expression of our Creator, a huge shift happened. I moved from “ME”, being a separate human on a planet in chaos, to the recognition that I Am One — not just with everyone and everything, but also with our planet, Gaia, herself. This has shifted and lifted me into the “WE” frequency of service for the greater good of all!

What is crucial to understand about awakening is that it is a natural part of God’s plan. 

Please remember that I use the word God interchangeably with Great Spirit, Creator, Universe, or Infinite Mind. Actually, It (yes, God) instructed me to refer to It, as GSEL, which stands for God is the Source of the Energy of Love.

GSEL made it clear that everything, including you and me, is made of the one and only Energy there is. This means everything is one bigly and infinitely expanding energy field. This includes every person we thought of as a separate being. Every plant, animal and mineral, including this beautiful blue/green ball we are spinning through the solar system on. Yes, that means the entirety of the universe, from the micro to the macro, all is made of the exact same Energy.

All That Is, being One, is what Love is being!

Because I have the delightful honor of assisting many of you with your awakening, I can see the trajectory humanity is on and it is magnificent. That’s because our spiritual journey leads us to awaken our more peaceful, loving and honest Self, which is the natural result of becoming Self-Aware. I feel great excitement during what many will look back on as the worst time for humanity, because I know humanity is moving toward world peace on the New Earth that Eckhart Tolle wrote about back in 2005.

Speaking of micro and macro, the spiritual journey is the same as within, for an individual, as it is without for the collective. 

The human collective, being a collection of humans, has to face its own egoic darkness, and this means we must each come face to face with what we most fear: our belief in separation. Because we’ve all been indoctrinated into believing that we are primarily human bodies, we believe (albeit unconsciously) that we are separate from one another.

The idea of separation instills great fear, which manifests as our ego, and is nothing more than the thoughts and beliefs that support our idea of separation. Understandably so, separation engenders great fear, and for that reason our ego wears two masks in an immature and primitive attempt at self-protections: that of victim and bully. These are 2 sides of the same ego coin and are completely fear driven.

As you can imagine, having a thought system that operates in the background causing us to forget that we are actually loving and connected Souls, the ego, operates like a virus that seeks to destroy our Awareness of our Authentic Self. Today, Covid-19 has offered the entire planet the opportunity to experience our deepest fears. As a matter of fact, awakening is the outcome of facing our deepest fears and withdrawing ALL of our power from them.

When we operate from a sense of separation we ALWAYS behave as a bully or a victim. This can be hard to hear, but our awakening depends on our ability to stay curious and observe these behaviors in our lives. The ego’s victim template shows up when we abdicate our power to another human whose ego’s bully template is controlling us.

We all develop our victim template as children when mom, dad, an older sibling or a grandparent or caretaker, starts telling us what to do and if we don’t obey they punish us. Well, guess how we develop the bully template? We do unto others as others have done unto us. These egoic templates become a “normal” way of life, and little by little, we forget the sovereign nature of our Soul as our Authentic Self recedes into the background — where it goes on to take a long, long nap.

Covid-19 is a massive wakeup call! Because humanity has, for thousands of years, accepted the egoic template of separation that has populated the world with bullies and victims, we have accepted the idea of winner and losers, haves and have nots, as we unconsciously agreed that some people must be powerful while others are powerless.

Today, while humanity is quarantined, the powerless victims have the opportunity to face their deepest fears as they begin the process of questioning their validity. As we give ourselves permission to get curious about what’s going on, we are actually giving our Soul permission to begin to awaken as it activates our yearning for connection, cooperation and wellbeing.

In essence, our Soul, that which is Authentic in ALL of us and knows Itself as One with All that Is, would much rather: 

  • Heal naturally
  • Work to express itself, not just earn a paycheck to make ends meet
  • Have more fun
  • Be free

What I want to impart on you is that our Soul can have all of this and more. And, it can achieve all of this without abdicating its sovereignty to the Coronavirus, the powers that be, or a god perched somewhere, out there, on a cloud.

Individually and collectively, Covid-19 is the external virus that is mirroring for us the internal ego-made virus we must eradicate: the idea of separation. 

Once we become Self Aware and our Soul/Spirit starts to awaken, it is natural to experience the fears which are indicating the egoic beliefs we held as true that created our reality. But we must face these fears as we reclaim our sovereignty to choose what we prefer to now believe. 

Next, we must reclaim our power from all external persons, institutions, locations or situations to which we had given power to dictate what we can and can’t do. Our Soul assures us that we need not fear anyone because we are all equals within Creation.

I can assure you that this is no easy task. However, with the energies of Creation supporting our collective shift from 3-D ego-ruled consciousness into the 5-D consciousness of our Authentic Soul Self, accepting the truth of our Oneness is the only way out of the nightmare we are experiencing.

Our sovereignty is granted to us by GSEL and diminished by our egoic thinking. The time is now for us to reverse this trajectory and awaken to our Oneness!

I invite you to learn more about the awakening process on my YouTube Channel where you can access the 5 Activating Miracles events I offered within the last few weeks. I want to assist anyone interested in discovering that we are powerful beyond measure because our sovereignty is our birthright. Not only did GSEL assure me this is so, but I feel it in my bones, and nothing brings more bliss into my life than this Truth. Well, my beloved, Christo comes pretty close!

You are magnificent… yes, you are!

With Love, appreciation and tons of excitement,

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