You may not even realize it, but your personal foundation may have a serious crack in it!

If you experience fear of what others think about you, then your foundation has a crack! If you worry about money, your foundation’s got crack.

If you are seriously concerned about getting swine flu, you’ve got crack.

Afraid your lover will leave, or maybe one won’t ever show up? Crack!

Scared you may lose your job, your home, or your investments? Crack, crack, and more crack!

Ok, so anything, and I do mean anything, which you are worried about or concerned about, is a clear indication that you’ve got crack!

Let me share what I mean. But first, there’s no need to call officer friendly on me, as I’m not talking about the crack you buy on the streets. Actually, I’m speaking of a much more serious kind of drug. This is the kind that zaps the joy out of your life.

In the beginning, we were all born joyful beings. Look at any baby and one can’t help but feel pure positive joy. Babies are the essence of love in its purest form.  Babies experience the love and joy that comes from trusting that all is OK. Of course, except for extreme circumstances, which I’m not talking about here, babies have an inner knowing that they are taken care of. Go to any playground in America, and you’ll see a bunch of happy confident kids. Many who are so confident they know exactly what they’ll be when they grow-up: doctors, nurses, daddies, mommies, firemen, Cinderella or Aladdin.

Kids don’t worry about their next meal. I remember my daughter thought McDonalds’ was her own personal 24/7 kitchen. Kids innately feel safe, and they feel loved by those around them. They certainly have no concerns about the weather, traffic, unemployment, outbreaks of swine flu, or who’s funding their retirement. They certainly have no money concerns as they all think the ATM has an unending supply of cash (I’m quoting my youngest son here.) And they absolutely have no care in the world about what other babies think of them.  Kids are deeply rooted in a foundation made of love.  Love is what they are, love is what they feel, and love is what they expect in their own world. No wonder the kids I know are carefree, trusting and happy!

But as nature has its way, babies grow up to be, well, worried grown-ups. Grown-ups are “responsible” for making an income, paying the rent, the car, funding the health insurance program and saving for retirement. They enter relationships that sometimes don’t last. They get sick. They watch others die.  Grown-ups experience heartbreak, disappointment, and hurt. They worry about the future. And many are angry about something in their past.

Do you realize that we all started with love as our foundation?  We actually learned to worry and fear. In our school years, well meaning adults did or said things that caused us to feel hurt and our little world got shattered, which created the “cracks” in our foundation. Through those cracks, fear and worry enter our lives. The cool thing about these “cracks” is that they provide us with an opportunity, if we so choose, to re-discover who we really are deep down…carefree, trusting and happy people.

So if you experience any form of fear, concern, anxiety, depression or hurt, be brave and look in your crack. I promise, if you look for the source of the crack, you’ll find the beliefs that cause your fears. As you become conscious of these beliefs, you’ll begin to question their validity, from the perspective of a now (hopefully) mature adult. I know that for a very long time, 31 years to be exact, my foundation was cracked with the belief that because my dad left my family when I was ten that meant there was something wrong with me. Talk about a massive crack!  My fears were caused by the outdated beliefs of my ten-year-old self!  To fill in the crack, I picked a better feeling belief that allows me to feel loved. My new beliefs are simple: I trust everything happens for a reason & It is what it is. Dad simply wasn’t happy with my mom, so he left. He never intended for me to feel insignificant. Besides, I can’t change the situation, but I can change my perspective about it.

When you follow these outdated beliefs back to their point of origination, the light of awareness will help you find the cracks in your foundation. Reaching for a better feeling belief is an act of love–self love–to be exact. Isn’t that groovy? But you can’t fill the crack with love, until you face your fears. That’s the deal. Fear caused the crack in your foundation, and courageously facing the fear will restore love as your foundation.  Ah, the delicious dichotomy of life.

What are you waiting for?