Hello, Magnificent and Holy Being of Love and Light!

Oh my goodness, I am head over heels in love with my grandson, Ryder!

I felt so blessed to spend two glorious weeks with Ryder and his parents when I visited Colorado.

Holding a newborn is such a sweet experience, especially since I am aware that he is both, Human and Divine. I am in awe of the intelligence that operates his body vessel so that his Soul can coast through this incarnation without having to tell his cells to divide, his blood to pump, or his bones to grow. Thanks to the perfection of this plan, Ryder can just be!

I was utterly mesmerized when he looked up at his guardian angels that only he could see and then watch him smile as he followed their movement. He knows what is Real, and I am glad he is comforted by his guardians as he settles into this denser 3rd dimension of consciousness where he will experience forgetting some of his Divine Essence. His conscious parents and I will assure him that it’s completely normal connecting to his guides. I will encourage him to remain aligned with his Inner Source of Power, God within him, as he grows into adulthood. This way, he will have fewer ego-made layers of density to block him from his God-Essence.

As I held Ryder, I sensed that my business would shift because of the urgency I felt to remind all, who are ready for this great news, that who we each are is a magnificent individualized expression of God. We are whole, unique, and powerful creators, awakening to this Truth that sets us free. And today, as we are Shifting from 3D and Lifting into 5D, we need all hands on deck in order to navigate the turbulence ahead, as we co-create heaven on A New Earth. This is exactly what Ryder’s Soul said he incarnated to do.

While rocking my sweet grandson, I knew I was in the presence of God’s masterpiece, and I loved every minute of it!

I came home so inspired and excited that I created a short video that better captures the message I want to share about my evolving mission.

Enjoy my video message by clicking on this image:

I would love to hear your thoughts about my message.

I am very excited about the direction I feel guided to take my work. YAY!

I head back to Colorado nextweek for 5 more days with Ryder. Oh, and his parents too! 😉

We are magnificent. Yes, we are!

With Love, gratitude, and tons of excitement for what’s coming,