I am feeling very intense energy right now. I can sense that we are on the cusp of the Great Awakening, where more of humanity will finally open its eyes and see that it is time to reverse the Light to the dark trajectory we have been on for thousands of years.

Souls are now ready to Shift the course, Lift from darkness and return to The Light. It is precisely this readiness by millions of Souls that is activating the Great Awakening!

My precious grandson, Ryder, has given me greater confidence in the future of humanity. Ryder, and all new children, are entering with a greater sense of knowing that they are the Light of the world. They are here to call us into more love, compassion, kindness, gentleness, trust, honesty, transparency, patience, generosity, tolerance, open-mindedness, and a more profound and unwavering connection to God.

Today, the line in the sand is drawn, and soon, it will be clear to see what is Light from what is dark. With its secrets, censorship, and deceit, what is ego-made is becoming apparent as contrasted with what is of the Light because what God created is naturally transparent, honoring all, and honest.

All of humanity must face themselves in complete honesty and acknowledge if fear runs their lives, even if only a little, or if they operate from unwavering Faith. You see, all who operate from fear, and I know this all too well because I used to live this way, sold their soul to the devil/ego, and made idols of false external authorities. Once we fully understand the role of ego-made fears, we won’t continue to believe its distorting lies.

Fear is easy to detect when we hold others, and this is the keyword: others are responsible for our safety and wellbeing. If others, be it authority figures, friends or family, are responsible for our safety and wellbeing, then others will be blamed when our ego convinces us we don’t experience safety or good health.

Awakening, then, is the journey to reclaim our Soul and align with God’s will as our only Authority, not only for ourselves but also acknowledge that IT IS SO for everyone else. This acceptance of our sovereignty ends the blame, judgment, and control game the ego uses to perpetuate our seeming separation from God and each other.

With the ego as an authority, we have made a mess of this planet and have created untold and unimaginable suffering to billions for thousands of years. With God as our only Authority, we will correct, forgive, and accept our power to co-create A New Earth. In that New Earth, ALL of humanity will be able to experience Eternal Life and our God-given Liberty to pursue Happiness in ANY way God desires to through us. Please note that the New Earth is being co-created by those aligned with our God-given sovereignty while we ARE IN this current 3D earth!

My grandson is here to help me bring a beautiful New Earth into manifestation as I continue to teach others how to Shift from the ego’s low vibes and Lift into God’s high frequency! I teach the least sexy aspect of spirituality because my gift is making people aware of how their ego is made, how it operates insidiously, and how to transcend it. Frankly, it takes a spiritually mature person to honestly admit that they still operate from fear and hold others responsible for their safety and wellbeing.

Interestingly enough, all spiritual people develop a spiritualized ego that is very difficult to discover on our own because thinking we are “spiritual” causes us to miss many of our ego’s controlling tactics.

If you find that in the honest assessment of your beliefs, you still experience fear, judgments, shame, guilt, or a sense of being a fake/fraud, please consider allowing me to help you understand your ego. I use A Course In Miracles in my teachings because it offers us the clearest and most comprehensive explanation of what the ego is, and without the required awareness of our ego, no one can transcend it.

Until we are on the other side of this Great Awakening, which is intensifying and will take a few more years to complete, we can be certain that from 2030 on, we WILL be living on A New Earth that will have purged all that is of low frequency from itself. I offer deep Love and Gratitude to everyone that completely understands and lives the essence of this message, for you have completed the inner transformation that has reached the frequency that is assisting in the co-creation of OUR New Earth!