According to A Course In Miracles, God has given each of us one purpose and it is to be happy.

Understanding the Laws of Creation requires that we train our mind to think like God, which is the opposite of thinking with, and like, the human ego. The Course tells us that “God, being Love, is also happiness, therefore, it is happiness we are to seek. And, we cannot fail to find it, because to seek happiness is to seek the truth of our being. If we don’t accept our purpose it is because we are afraid of God, which means we are afraid of joy.” 

Please be sure to reread that statement because it’s packed with yumminess!

Can you imagine how different life would be if we trusted, with certainty, that happiness is our purpose? It’s our birthright, and is therefore, natural to our being. I must say that coming to accept this truth was not easy for me, although the concept is pretty simple: If God created me to be happy, then, logic dictates, I should always feel happy! 

The rose’s purpose is to bloom and give of its fragrance. It doesn’t seek outside of itself for fragrance, in a bottle, and then sprays it on itself. The apple tree’s purpose is to offer us fruit. It doesn’t seek for apples at the market and then hang them on its branches for us to eat. The dolphin’s purpose is to swim. It doesn’t seek for swimming lessons at the local YMCA. It just swims!

OK, you get my point! 

Why, then, do we Precious, Holy and misguided humans seek for happiness in all the wrong, and external, places?

The answer is simple!

We’ve all been subjected to thousands of years of unconscious conditioning, by those unaware, like mother, father, teachers and preachers, that God’s law decreed happiness as our purpose.

We were conditioned to believe that our birth brought happiness to our parents or, for some, our birth became their source of unhappiness. Our parent’s initial reaction began to automatically condition us to believe that external things have the power to make us happy or unhappy. We made our parents happy or unhappy and they made us happy or unhappy, and down the egoic habit hole we entered!

Next, we learned that getting stuff, like a birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza presets should make us happy. Having a childhood play-date to make us happy, years later, turned into needing a boyfriend or girlfriend to “really” make us happy. If we were rejected, then unhappiness became our condition, and it was, of course, their fault. If, however, we are extra lucky we got engaged, married and had kids of our own, then, those things made us “extra, extra,” happy.  Before we knew it, we went from needing an allowance to be happy to the necessary prerequisite for our happiness coming from an expensive degree, a high paying job, and then, of course, a corner office to “really, really, really,” make us happy. 

We couldn’t just “be” happy, we had to really work hard at acquiring our happiness…no wonder teenagers are so ornery, because at a very young age we learn that just being ourselves, to feel happiness, is not enough! 🙂 

But wait, that’s not all!

We also learned that we needed a house, a car, vacations, the kids to stop whining, the retirement account to have a company match, a hot pool boy, which, by the way, I’m still waiting for, a limit increase on our credit card, a new career, a faster sports car, a divorce, another promotion, someone else’s spouse—you get my point—to again feel happy. All of this chasing and never sustaining happiness has left us physically drained and emotionally immature. 

Because the world has conditioned us to believe that happiness is something we are to chase after, by seeking it outside of ourselves, we have failed to find it. The trick to succeeding at finding happiness is to seek for it right where God placed it: within us! Just as the rose’s purpose is to bloom and be fragrant, the apple tree’s is to bear fruit and the dolphin’s to swim, our purpose is to experience happiness wherever we are!

Yes, wherever we go, there our happiness is!

I have spent the past sixteen-years understanding how powerful my mind is and this awareness has transformed my life.  I now realize that I create every aspect of my life experiences, be they happy or un-happy, with the thoughts I think. With this awareness, and my acceptance of God’s laws, why the heck would I now allow any un-happiness into my life? I won’t! 

If I do experience unhappiness it is always the result of my sloppy egoic thinking, which blocked God’s truth from my awareness. Then, all I need do is Shift my thoughts and Lift my vibes!

To make 2019, not only a Happy but also a Radical New Year, I’ve decided to follow another of A Course In Miracles teachings, which is to let the New Year begin with joy and freedom. This can only be done by making 2019 different than past years by making everything the same. This means no more seeking after different things for my happiness. No more believing different egoic thoughts that God is anything other than Love.

By choosing to make 2019 Happy and Radical, I fully, and consciously, accept that I Am created to be happy—24/7—for no reason other than it’s my God given purpose. And, I am going to go against humanity’s conditioning and treat everyone as my equals and the same by seeing God as each of them. This means, I am treating YOU as the Divine, Holy, Magnificent, Loving, Powerful and completely capable of choosing your own reality, being that you truly are whether you remember this truth or not. Remember, 2019 is about ME being Happy and Radical! 

2019 will be so much easier, and way more fun! I hope you play along with me so, together, WE can make 2019 different by doing the same thing: being Happy and seeing God in all there is…let’s be Radical and help Shift our beautiful planet Gaia! 

Cheers, to a Happy and Radical 2019!

With Love, Joy, Giddy Gratitude and Radical Excitement,