Being conscious is recognizing there is but One Creative First Cause, regardless of what we call it. Just as there are different cultures, different languages, different hair styles, eye color, skin tones, and ice cream flavors, so too there are different names for the source of Omnipotent Power that each and everyone of us, deep down inside, knows exists.

I don’t know a single person, regardless of their religious beliefs, who doesn’t acknowledge that there is a power greater than they are that sourced all of life. Yet, most are committed to defending their limited understanding of that power. Everyone defends what they know. How wild is that? If we are open to the possibility that each person only knows what they’ve learned, I believe we could have wonderful and dynamic conversations that would allow us to be curious about what others think, and we could “hear” what the other is saying without anyone needing to be made “wrong.” After all, isn’t that why we send our kids to school to learn? Otherwise, if we each already knew everything, we would just share that with our kids and skip exposing them to what dozens of teachers have to share.

In the heart of every man, woman and child exists an Inner Knowing that can set us all free from judgments and fears.  That Inner Knowing is encapsulated, like a fortune in a cookie, by the limiting beliefs we defend and hold to be the only truth there is. When you “crack open” the cookie, the fortune is easy to retrieve. The secret to awakening our consciousness is our willingness to “crack open” the crusty shell of our ego’s belief system, all of which generate fear.  Yes, we must talk about our fears, in order to discover the fortune that lies within: that we are all longing for Love and connection!

You see we are all defending the shell–the cookie–at the high cost of never discovering the fortune that lies within each of us. We die and kill for the stale cookie. We die and kill for the need to defend our limited truth, when in truth, we are created to awaken to the fact that we are all One People, One world, One Power, and everyone matters!

When you know this to be your truth, my friends, then you will know your consciousness is awakening. Any judgment to the contrary only means you just know what you know and life will, in its perfect timing, crack you open.

The often-uncomfortable process of awakening your consciousness is rewarded by a sense of love and peace that passes all understanding. It is an indescribable sense of unlimited inner power. It is the knowingness that we are truly creating heaven on earth.  Yet this reward is bestowed only on those who are willing to be wrong so they can be cracked open to receive the gift of Truth!

Like winning the gold at the Olympics, that “feeling” is only known by those who actually win the gold. Everybody else only “thinks” they know what it’s like. If this article piques your interest in awakening, I would love to have a conversation with you. Email me at or join me at one of my many events around town.

Assisting others through their awakening is my life’s purpose. And it is the reason I’ve created The Power of Awareness programs. If your answer to the question “How are you?” is anything less than a 100% “I am Magnificent!” then awakening your consciousness is something you may wish to consider engaging in…I promise, you will love the treasure you will find inside of your Self!