I can’t adequately tell you how excited, and honored, I am to share more information about my upcoming trip to Ecuador!

This trip is more than a trip. Not only is it an incredible honor to have been invited to attend, but it is truly a magnificent opportunity to have my teachings featured on an international stage.

I have been teaching spiritual principles for over ten years, witnessing thousands participate in either my coaching programs, classes, workshops, or talks. Consistently, I witness how The Power of Awareness principles, the Shift & Lift tool, and my ability to simplify what the spiritual awakening entails, are transforming people’s lives.

Each person receives something that moves them further along their journey.  Some, I have the pleasure of meeting once, others I enjoy watching their growth over many months, and many, I’ve had the honor of guiding for years. Some, I’ve witnessed them Shifting and Lifting into higher levels of consciousness for the past ten years… talk about a fun honor!

What I know for sure is that I share Truth that, for those who are willing to receive it, helps to free them from their small and egoic-sense of self.  Little-by-little they remember, and then embrace, the infinite magnificence of their Spirit.  Although I know I stand as a teacher, guide, and friend to my clients, I am also clear that it’s the application of the teachings that activate the miracles, and not me.

For this reason, I am humble enough to embrace the impact this trip will have on the teachings I am blessed to shareKnowing the teachings will be captured on film, they have the potential to inspire a worldwide audience to heal their wounded sense of self, and through awakening, their wholeness, become masters of their own reality!

Ecuador is one of 5 international locations, the others being Fiji, New Zealand  Liberia, and San Diego, where a team of screenwriters, producers and film directors will generate a documentary about the way spiritual teachings are transforming lives and assisting with ushering A New Earth. The director of the documentary is Mikki Willis,  the founder of Elevate; a production company on a mission, Elevate is one of the most prolific creators of socially conscious media. Here is a link to his site: Elevate Films

ELEVATE, is a little production company on a big mission. They live to the fullest in Ojai CA., pop. 8000. Positioned one hour North of Los Angeles they’re just close enough to play in Hollywood, yet far away enough to create their own game. The game they love most is producing filmed works of art that make them feel good about being human.

Elevate’s portfolio includes feature films, record-setting network TV specials, commercials, and music videos for multi-platinum artists. Their clients include some of the world’s foremost scientists, futurists, evolutionary experts, and best selling authors. They are totally committed to using the awesome power of movies and viral media to activate real and lasting change – to bridge ancient wisdom with modern technology – to share stories that deserve a voice – to champion worthy causes – to amplify the good news of the world –  and of course… to ELEVATE!

Mikki and his Award-Winning Media Production Team will be with us the entire time. Another amazing aspect of this trip is that my son, Spencer, has been invited to attend as the official on-staff photographer. The trip organizer, Spryte Loriano, recognized that Spencer’s 4-year adventure with drugs and alcohol was a crucial and defining aspect of my spiritual journey. Spencer gave me the opportunity to test the power that unconditional love has to heal because I did not allow my fears of his addiction to cloud my perspective of the potential awakening he was going through, while I helped him navigate the scariest years of his life. In July, he celebrates not only his 21st birthday but 3 years sober!

While in Ecuador, I will have the opportunity to teach my Shift & Lift workshop to a large audience at the University of Quito, and will also deliver an inspirational 8 minute “Ted-like” talk that will also be filmed. The documentary will eventually be available for sale and marketed through Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other avenues of distribution.

To make this opportunity a reality, I do need a little help from my clients, family, and friends! I am covering the flights, accommodations, meals and misc. expenses, but I do need your assistance with a portion of my contribution toward Mikki’s’s production team. Clearly, this is a massive undertaking!

If you feel that my teachings have had a positive impact on your life, or the life of someone you know, please help me share them with the world. By the way, your donation is also tax deductible, as it is being managed through the Healing Forest 501c3 non-profit organization established by the Essence of Being Transformational workshops, owned by my friend, and Power of Awareness graduate, Burge Smith Lyons.

No amount is too small, so please feel free to share whatever your heart feels comfortable gifting to me. I do have a goal of raising $5,000. Here is a link to donate, and although it will take you to a PayPal page noting that the donation is for “Ross Stearns” it is for me, so please add my name in the special instructions page. Here is the link to donate: http://www.healingforestfoundation.org/ (link is closed)

Please forward to me your donation receipt, so I can keep you posted on my fundraising progress and, if you approve, I’ll add you to a private FaceBook group where you can follow our magnificent adventure!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Spencer and I will also participate in a service project where we will be trained on using and delivering sustainable clean water systems that we will provide to an indigenous community of Andean farmers so they can access clean water, which they currently do not have. I am told these farmers will take us to their sacred land where the South American Condor can be spotted. Doing this with Spencer will be priceless!

Please know that I am eternally grateful for your donation. Not only are you helping to promote my teachings, but you are also expressing your love for me and my work. I would love the opportunity to do he same for you, so please keep me in mind should you ever create a fundraiser!