How many books have you purchased that teach you the Art of Unhappiness?

Did you attended a seminar on how to work really hard but go nowhere?

Maybe you subscribe to the magazine: Life’s a bitch and then you die?

I bet you are laughing at my silliness, but one of the things that amazes me about coaching and facilitating workshops, for over 10 years now, is how often, and how strongly, folks resist believing me when I suggest that happiness is their birthright.

They hire me because they want to be happy, but they try to convince me that they can’t!

Seriously, most people are quick to offer a list of evidence to try and convince me of their limitations, faults, and problems. They have a tough time receiving the Truth: that they are truly powerful beyond measure, ALWAYS creating their experience of life!

The reason this Truth is so challenging to hear, and believe me I’ve been in these shoes, is that to own our power we must give up the habit of complaining and blaming. It is truly an act of courage accepting this life shifting responsibility.

Here’s a good reason to go ahead and accept how powerful you truly are: Because your emotional vibrational offering materializes as the life YOU are experiencing.

Think about it!

All the unhappiness in your life, is evidence of how you are using your power. Now don’t be hating on me for highlighting the obvious, but all the happiness in your life, is also evidence of how you are using your—same—power.  The goal here is to consciously use your superpower for only happiness.

Why? Because you can!

It is completely within your power—as your birthright—to stop the chain of pain that fuels your ego’s need to complain and blame, which perpetuates your unhappiness.

Seriously, the world we experience is made of energy, and matter is just the representation of energy patterns, which correspond to your vibrational frequency. All of your thoughts and emotions are the directives you offer that either lift, or lower, the frequency you emanate. Your higher frequency means you feel happy, and the more you lower your frequency, well, the more unhappiness you feel.

Here is the key to shifting from complaining to complementing: Own that you are creating all your experiences…yes, it’s that simple!

When you feel unhappy: Say “I am responsible for this experience.”

When you feel happy: Say “I am responsible for this experience.”

At first, this may seem weird because you won’t like owning that you are creating your unhappiness, but the more you claim it, the more you will you will feel empowered, which is a high frequency vibration. Then watch how things begin to shift for you. Not only will life seem more joyful, but you will start inspiring others around you who will want to know what’s up with you feeling so happy, and so often!

Like there’s something odd with being happy, just because you want to!

Enjoy SHIFTING your perspective, and LIFTING your vibration!

You are magnificent!