As children, our conscious connection to our Higher Self was unimpeded, evidenced by the limitless imagination and energy children experience. So where does It come from?

I believe our Higher Self is the aspect of ourselves that is innately intelligent, creative, loving, peaceful, joyful, and free. It is God/Creator/Source/Life (or whatever you wish to call the Creative Source of All That Is) individually expressed through every one of us. It is our Authentic Self. It is the very Light–our unique brilliance–that emanates from our core. It is the essence of our Divinity, with us lifetime after lifetime. It is not learned, therefore, It does not change. Higher Self just is.

I believe our lower self is the sum of the learned beliefs we receive through the familial domestication, and the societal programming we experience throughout our lives. Unquestioned for millennia, these beliefs act as weights we drag around that, presumably, keep us safe by anchoring us in our seamingly solid and separate personal identities. Please keep in mind that the lower self identity is completely changeable because it is not ours to begin with since we learned it from others. Our lower self, also known as our ego-self, is then the collection of beliefs and agreements we make with others that act as the block that obscures our own Authentic Light.

During this time of great and rapid-fire changes, humanity is being challenged into choosing between our Higher Self and our lower self. The reason is simple: we are waking up! Waking up to the option that we can drop the weights, of our lower self, and allow our Higher Self to shine through. For it is the union of all of our Higher Selves that will co-create a New Earth so humanity can, once and for all, coexist in peace.

The challenge, however, is that not everyone is aware that they have a Higher Self, even though many are starting to feel a yearning to connect to something greater. I certainly didn’t know this until I began to awaken and experience the glaring difference between these two aspects within me.  Those who are operating from their lower self are scared–I clearly remember my resistance to changing my mind about what I believed was true–because their lower self beliefs block out options, ideas, or possibilities that are vastly different from their own.

They are identified with who they believe they are: their status, ethnicity, material positions, relationships, body, religion, political party, etc., and this identification forms their sense of self. In their mind, they really believe that what they think is right. And guess what? that makes everyone else either an ally or an enemy. The danger with this perspective is that lower self beliefs have kept us in a perpetual state of fear, lack, defensiveness and divisiveness.

When we are aware of our Higher Self attributes, we are also aware that they are the exact same within every person. Notice that when we were young children we shared these natural attributes: curiosity, joy, and willingness to listen to other perspectives, because we were not yet solidly conditioned to be afraid of differences. These Higher Self attributes  generate an inner confidence that recognizes that beliefs are just limits in perception because they are simply agreements about what something is, or is not. That’s it!

I assure you that discovering our Higher Self is an arduous journey. It takes time, and courage to sort out our beliefs. In the end, and yes, there is an end to seeking our Higher Self, we start a new journey. The journey of Being what we are. Of Being the change we desired to see in the world. The journey of walking our talk, and shining our Light.

When we live in alignment with our Higher Self we don’t necessary lose our ethnicity, material possessions, relationships, religion or political affiliation, although these could change, as I experienced. What we do lose, however, and this is way cool, is our attachment to being righteous about them.  We lose the need to judge ourselves and others. We lose the need to play victim of bully. We lose the fear of lack because we tap into the aspect of ourselves that is eternal, which transcends all limitations, inherent within our experience of space and time.

I know this can sound like I’m batshit crazy, but I can assure you, it is Truth. Not just because I say so, but every Master Teacher that has walked this earth has also taught this. However, no one can actually believe this is true until they do the necessary practice that allows them to feel the efficacy of it. Once you feel your Higher Self, you will no longer tolerate being confined by your lower self beliefs.

One of the beautiful perks of living in alignment with our Higher Self is that we become appreciators of external differences because we know, at the core of our being, that we are each an expression of a magnificent whole. As children, before we learned to label the world and segregate it into shapes, forms, colors, sizes, good or bad, and right or wrong, everything was whole, fresh and undiscovered.

Think of our Higher Self as an eternal explorer, seeking adventure throughout the galaxy and has chosen to incarnate on planet earth. Our Higher Self is higher, not in height or stature, but rather, It is higher in vibrational resonance.  It is higher because It sees, senses and knows, from an ascended perspective, way beyond/above anything a mere mortal could perceive. Why, because our Higher Self, as an aspect of Creator God, has access to all knowing!

Let’s have fun and test out my theory.

  • Where does the innate intelligence within our cells come from?
  • What creates the spark that consistently turns acorns into oak trees?
  • Where do our innate talents come from?
  • Where does Love come from?
  • What created this glorious Universe and then miraculously suspended all the massive objects, we call planets and stars, in space?
  • What exactly is the energy that animates us made of?
  • Where does Life come from?
  • And why do we all yearn for love and deep connection with another?

Children have something magical within them. When we are around them, we sense It, feel It, and hear It in their giddy innocent laughter. If we are open, we may even end up on the floor playing with them, or maybe even hop on a swing!

Once you are aware, and sense, that within you are both aspects: your Higher Self and your lower self, your ability to stay connected to your Higher Self becomes your responsibility. Think of it this way: you’ve been led to water, but no one can make you drink it. Your free will must kick in, or you will not abide in the awakened state of alignment with your true, free, and perpetually playful Higher Self!

To help you ponder where it is that our abilities and talents come from, if they were not learned, checkout this link to a YouTube video of child prodigy Akiane Kramarik, who at age 7 created one of the most famous paintings of Jesus!

What I’m sharing here requires that you step out of the box society has labeled “normal” and become extra curious about where our innate gifts, talents, wisdom, and life force, really–really–comes from? Child prodigies, to me, are a great example of talent and wisdom so well developed at a very young age, without any worldly training, that no one can deny they are natural.

Have fun exploring your Higher Self… I promise, It wants to meet you!

I love you, oh magnificent one!