Hello, Magnificent and Holy Being!

Have you ever had the thought: “That was unconscionable?”

And how, exactly, do you know what is “unconscionable” and what isn’t, when all judgment comes from the unconscious aspect of you, which is your ego-self. Your personal/human sense of self.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, unconscionable means: not guided by conscience. This explanation makes perfect sense when we look at the world through the lens of the ego, which divides everything into right or wrong, lower or higher, good or bad, and moral or immoral. Something judged “unconscionable,” then, would be deemed wrong, bad, immoral, which are all lower orders of human ego behavior.

Why, then, would you trust the very aspect of yourself—your ego—that is devoid of conscience, since it is precisely what blocks your access to consciousness, to determine what is unconscionable?

This question only stumps the human ego aspect of yourself because it does not want you to recognize that you have another way of perceiving things. A way that, if you consciously commit to living by, would make unconscionable acts a thing of the past. For this to make sense, you must first understand that within you are two aspects: your human ego/lower self, and your Higher Self.

Please stay with me, as this is a challenging thing to understand, until that is, you begin to consciously explore your Higher Self. Please trust me when I say that this took me years to really get, and even though I “had it,” I quickly lost it and had to reconnect!

Your Higher Self is not the “opposite” of your ego-self, just as dark and light are not opposites, rather, darkness is just the absence of light. This point is best illustrated by understanding that although your Higher Self is–always–the bright loving light that emanates from within you, your lack of awareness of this allows you to “dim your light,” thereby making your experience of life a bit, well, darker. It is precisely in this “darkened” state of mind that your ego-self feels justified in doing unconscionable things.

A remarkable aspect of your Higher Self, is that although it is consciously aware of everything, It does not focus on what your, or any other, human ego is doing. Why? Because your Higher Self does not divide. In fact, it can’t divide, because your Higher Self is simply a point of awareness within consciousness, which is formless and continuous. This means that when you are aware of life’s happenings, through your Higher Self, you are actually perceiving through the eyes of the Creator/God/Consciousness/Spirit, or whatever you prefer to call the Source of All That Is.

As you can tell, humanity is undergoing a massive shift in consciousness, that is, we are moving from identification with the lower and divisive human “ego-self,” which does unconscionable things, and are becoming more aware of our Higher Self, which always experiences life consciously. Consider this a recalibration of sorts, where we are moving from unconscious perception to conscious perception, much as the night’s darkness dissipates with the sun’s morning light.

This Self, I speak of,  is not located “higher” rather, it is of a higher vibration—a frequency, if you will, precisely because it does not divide or adhere to hierarchical order for it is entangled with All That Is.  Your Higher Self, being undivided, is also an eternal aspect of each of you, present through every incarnation you experience. For this reason, it is the aspect of you that is constant and guides you intuitively to do the “conscionable” things because of Its higher vibrational frequency: Love.

To truly understand your Higher Self, you must first recognize what it is not interested in:

  • Taking or withholding from others
  • Becoming special or being right
  • Controlling anyone or anything
  • Passing judgment on anyone or anything
  • Having more, or less, than others, as that is scarcity thinking
  • Being guided from without, by following rules, dogma, or what the crowd says
  • Repetition of old ways
  • Having the Past and the Future rule your life
  • Living afraid of not becoming who the world expects you to be

To better understand your Higher Self, so once you experience It you will be able to recognize it in yourself and others, let’s look at what you will be interested in experiencing:

  • You will desire to give/share of yourself, and your talents with others
  • You will innately know you are equal with everyone, although each is different and unique
  • You will treasure everyone’s independence
  • You will offer appreciation for everything
  • You will trust that you will have what you need, when you need it, based on abundance consciousness
  • You will be guided from within, therefore appropriateness is always present
  • You will have infinite access to original, fresh and new ideas
  • You will live in the present moment—Now!
  • You will only be interested in being what you are: Love Being=Loving

As children, our conscious connection to our Higher Self was unimpeded, evidenced by the limitless imagination and energy children experience. So where does “It” come from? We often ask, especially by us parents who desperately need our toddlers to take a nap…so we can too!

Watch for part 2, to this article, in the next newsletter, and I’ll share more about where your Higher Self comes from, and how you can access it again, at will!

In the meantime, I’ll share this:  I am so happy that I’ve again tapped into my Higher Self, and now articles and idea are once again flowing fast and furiously through me.  It’s amazing how I blocked my access to my Higher Self, because I believed the BS my divisive and judgmental ego-self was saying. Talk about doing something “unconscionable!” But hey, because I am awake and therefore love myself, I forgave the blame, guilt and shame I felt over the past few years, when I shifted and drifted into the lower frequency of fear. Now, what remains is a purer, and more transparent me Being Loving to you, and everyone else, without exception, because I know we are all One. Besides, it is way more fun being my Higher Self.  Sustaining this higher frequency is not easy, especially in the early years of the journey to awakening.  However, it is simple, and I’ll explain that further in my future blogs.

Thank you for being on this magnificent journey of oneness and separation, of hiding and seeking, being awake and asleep, and drifting lower and shifting higher.  It’s no wonder awakening is a rollercoaster ride…Ay yai yai!



Laina Orlando

Laina Orlando

Awareness Coach

Laina is an author, workshop facilitator, speaker and Awareness coach. Her simple techniques and practical tools have helped to transform the lives of thousands of people. Laina considers sharing her work a sacred privilege.