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Welcome to my website!

I invite you to discover profound timeless wisdom, in a simple to understand and super-easy-to-apply way. My teachings will help you shift out of your comfortable box and fully embrace your God/Source/Creator given magnificence. This magnificence is uncovered through your awakening.

Awakening is the process of remembering we are each created equal, whole, perfect eternal, worthy, and holy, by the one Creator of All That Is that goes by many names, and I affectionately call GSEL and acronym for: God/Source/Energy/Love. Curiosity will lead you to the door of awakening, and your conscious willingness and commitment to know, and live as, Truth, will open it and set you free. I assure you, if I can awaken, anybody can, and together we will co-create Heaven on Earth!

My mission is to awaken humanity to the magnificence within through the power of awareness!

Personal Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? My coaching programs are designed to guide you, step by step.


This is a one-hour exploration of your beliefs, to gain a general awareness of where you are on your spiritual journey.


3 one-hour sessions, with the first hour being the Curiosity session, we will use the two additional hour sessions to become aware of the predominant beliefs you hold about yourself, and life in general, to assist you in making sense of why your life is as it is.


This package for you if you are truly committed to experiencing the power of awareness, and the freedom it offers to those who align with the Highest expression of their Authentic Self –Love!

Laina Orlando

Laina Orlando

Awareness Coach

A modern day spiritual teacher, Laina Orlando, takes a fresh and fun approach to simplifying spirituality for today’s seekers of Truth. Laina’s own spiritual awakening propelled her to share what is possible, when one truly commits to transformation. True transformation requires a deep understanding of our mind. Hidden deep within our mind-made stories lies, in waiting, the truth of who we are. Every one of us is a vessel through which The Creative Source of All That Is (God/Spirit/Universe/Energy) expresses itself on Earth. Awakening our magnificence is the result of remembering this truth. Laina is an author, workshop facilitator, speaker and Awareness coach. Her simple techniques and practical tools have helped to transform the lives of thousands of people. Laina considers sharing her work a sacred privilege.

What Others Are Saying

POA changed my life! I was on my spiritual journey for the past two years and had progressed a lot, but this workshop shook me and propelled me to a whole new level of awareness. I left POA a new person…a fully awakened being. 


I left POA feeling free and empowered. I had so many AHA moments! I was pushed to a higher level of consciousness and was amazed at the simplicity of it all. POA was a great way to align my mind, body and soul. It’s UNBELIEVABLE! Yinch

What I learned in the POA weekend was priceless! The information you provided was so simple, yet it would have taken me thousands of books and many other workshops to figure out how truly magnificent I am. In one weekend, you taught me how to live my file fully. Leila

POA was a great and safe way to begin to uncover the blocks that kept my life confusing. I love the way Laina explains how the mind works and makes it so easy to face our fears without judgment. I feel so good about myself and can now acknowledge myself as magnificent! Liz

Inspirational Videos

Inspirational Articles

Turn Off Your Ego’s Drama!

One of the biggest obstacles we face in our desire to make this our best year actually lives inside our own minds. Most of us experience a flood of negative chatter on a daily basis that reminds us of our weaknesses and reinforces our limitations. For example, “I...

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Vote for Love or Fear

Tomorrow is a big day in history-not just for America, but also for Mother Earth-marked by the most contentious elections ever recorded. If we choose to focus on the differences offered by each candidate, we will certainly take sides, as each of us will be drawn to...

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I’m Responsible for This Experience

How many books have you purchased that teach you the Art of Unhappiness? Did you attended a seminar on how to work really hard but go nowhere? Maybe you subscribe to the magazine: Life’s a bitch and then you die? I bet you are laughing at my silliness, but one of the...

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How Are You?

Being conscious is recognizing there is but One Creative First Cause, regardless of what we call it. Just as there are different cultures, different languages, different hair styles, eye color, skin tones, and ice cream flavors, so too there are different names for...

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Got Crack?

You may not even realize it, but your personal foundation may have a serious crack in it! If you experience fear of what others think about you, then your foundation has a crack! If you worry about money, your foundation’s got crack. If you are seriously concerned...

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Go Jump in the Lake

This beautiful Sunday morning, July 9, 2017, as I sat in stillness, on the top deck of the lake house, I heard: Go jump in the lake! It was The Voice within that Guides me. I know It well. I trust It. Still, my ego’s voice chimed in: seriously? Again, The Voice,...

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