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I Am Here to Help You Awaken!

I invite you to discover profound, mystical and timeless wisdom, in a simple to understand and super-easy-to-apply way. My teachings are designed to guide you through a journey of self-awareness that will lead you to fully embrace your Magnificence.

Awakening is the process of remembering we are each created equal, whole, perfect, eternal, worthy, and holy, by the One Creator of All That Is, which goes by many names. I affectionately call It GSEL, which is an acronym for: God/Source/Energy/Love. Curiosity will lead you to the door of awakening, and your conscious willingness and commitment to know and live as Truth will open it and set you free. I assure you, if I can awaken, anybody can, and together we will co-create Heaven on Earth!

My mission is to awaken humanity to the magnificence within through the power of awareness!

Personal Coaching

Are you ready to dive into your transformation? My coaching programs are designed to guide you, step by step, through your journey to awaken!


This is a 50-minute exploration of your beliefs to gain a general awareness of where you are on your spiritual journey.


4 50-minute sessions, with the first one being the Curiosity session, and three additional sessions, one per week, to help you become aware of the predominant beliefs you hold about yourself, others and life in general that will assist you in making sense of why your life is as it is.


12 50-minute sessions, one per week. Transformation package is for those willing, and truly committed, to experience the power of awareness and the freedom it offers to those who align with the Highest expression of their Awakened Self.

Laina Orlando

Laina Orlando

Awareness Coach

A modern-day mystic and spiritual teacher, Laina Orlando, takes a fresh and fun approach to simplifying spirituality for today’s seekers of Truth. Laina’s own spiritual awakening propelled her to share what is possible, when one truly commits to transformation. Hidden deep within our ego-made stories lies, in waiting, who we Truly are: vessels through which The Creative Source of All That Is, GSEL (God/Source/Energy/Love) expresses itself on earth. Awakening our magnificence is the result of remembering this Truth. Laina is an author, workshop facilitator, speaker, Awareness coach and teacher of A Course In Miracles and A Course of Love. Her simple techniques and practical tools have helped to transform the lives of thousands of people. Laina considers sharing her work a sacred privilege.

What Others Are Saying

Laina, through her coaching, workshops and the A Course In Miracles classesshe leads, has helped me work through some incredibly challenging things in a surprisingly short period of time.  I’m tempted to call her magical.  But the truth is, she is highly skilled and deeply anointed to do the coaching work she does.  She uses spiritual intuition to ask powerful questions that go directly to the heart of the things that matter.  And she fearlessly guides you to years of fear-based thinking until you discover the truth.  I am grateful for her wisdom and compassion.  I wish I found her 10 years ago.


Thanks for your wonderful transparency Laina.  Life is amazing and keeps getting better as the consciousness of lack dissolves. I just wanted to tell you how much of a difference you’ve made in my life.  I’m so glad your transparency is manifest, and your brilliance expressed does allow the brilliance of others to surface as a result.   So thanks for being the amazing light you are! Much Love.


Laina, I’m always inspired by your mere presence. Anytime I’m in your energy I’m So “In Love” with all that is around me. You always lift up all who come into your experience, and I, All that I Am becoming, will always tell it to the mountains when the world hears my Voice. So much in love, I am!!


Laina is special…of course, I believe everyone is special, but she has a SPECIAL position!!! She will change
thousands of lives as she is CHANGING MINE in her A Course In Miracles class!!!! Words will never be
enough to thank you! With love and respect.

Shannon Bale

Inspirational Articles by Laina

Inspirational Articles by Laina

How Are You?

Being conscious is recognizing there is but One Creative First Cause, regardless of what we call it. Just as there are different cultures, different languages, different hair styles, eye color, skin tones, and ice cream flavors, so too there are different names for...

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Got Crack?

You may not even realize it, but your personal foundation may have a serious crack in it! If you experience fear of what others think about you, then your foundation has a crack! If you worry about money, your foundation’s got crack. If you are seriously concerned...

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Go Jump in the Lake

This beautiful Sunday morning, July 9, 2017, as I sat in stillness, on the top deck of the lake house, I heard: Go jump in the lake! It was The Voice within that Guides me. I know It well. I trust It. Still, my ego’s voice chimed in: seriously? Again, The Voice,...

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From Fog to Freedom

I’m sitting, during my morning meditation, witnessing the fog over the lake and realizing how it parallels my spiritual journey. It’s the journey of awakening from the illusion that I am powerlessness over circumstances, to remembering that my power emanates from...

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Don’t Get Mad, Get Glad

A few years ago, while reading with my then, 13 year old son, Spencer, from the book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth, we entered into a delicious dialogue on the meaning of resistance. We were reading the passage: “to realize prosperity, you must accept the...

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Alignment With God Feels Like…

Hello, Beautiful and Perfect Soul! Last week, I posted a question on my Facebook page and the answers were so magnificent that I felt I should create a blog post just to preserve them! I read the answers over and over again, and each time my heart filled with...

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