Hello, Magnificent Being of Love and Light!

I am very excited to be headed to Colorado on Thursday to visit my daughter, Lauren. She’s expecting my first grandchild, Ryder, who will make his grand entrance in about 8 weeks. Becoming a grandmother is really exciting, especially to this sweet Soul that has visited me to share why he requested me as his grandmother!

Since we are in the midst of a Great Awakening, which I believe will rock this world to its core, exposing what no longer serves humanity and Gaia, we can use tons of fresh new Souls that will incarnate with a more expanded consciousness.

My grandson’s Soul told me that it picked me as his grandmother, besides the major perk of having Lauren as his mom, because it is the reincarnation of a master who needs to be reminded from birth that he is a powerful and Holy Child of God. Talk about an exciting assignment!

Although it is not male or female, I’ll call the Soul Ryder to make this conversation easier. Ryder did not share who the master was, and it actually doesn’t matter because many masters have been incarnating since 1988, the year Lauren was born, to prepare our planet for ascension.

Ascension means that we are shifting from the 3rd dimension of consciousness into the 5th Dimension of consciousness. Humanity and our beautiful planet, Gaia, are completing a long cycle in the lower densities of consciousness: the ego’s domain, where separation and suffering have kept humanity in a perpetual karmic state of fear. Sure, all of the masters and many enlightened beings transcended the ego’s fears. Still, as a collective, humanity has been unable to shift and lift into the higher dimensions of consciousness until now.

Think about ascension as a graduation from the awkward middle school phase and into the more sophisticated high school age, where there is more freedom, individual sovereignty, and more fun. If you follow Dolores Canon’s teachings, then you know that she spoke of the 3 waves of volunteers that are incarnating to assist us through the transition from 3D to 5D earth. I am in the 1st wave, made of mostly baby boomers, of which I am on the tail end, my daughter is in the second wave, and Ryder is clearly the newest wave of Love, Light & Wisdom arriving to assist us.

Because I completely understand what the ascension is about, I am ready to be of service to Ryder and his mom, with whom I shared this information. I wasn’t given many details, but it was clear that Ryder is actually here to teach me. I am primarily serving as a guide to assist him with navigating this shifting world as consciously as possible, so he can arrive safely into adulthood to accomplish his earthly mission.

Until Ryder arrives and takes most of my time and attention, I look forward to spending time with his mama, now that she is in major nesting mode as I help her get the nursery ready for her first child. It truly is beautiful witnessing how conscious she is and how confident she feels about her upcoming role as a new mom.

Experiencing my new life stages grounded in A Course In Miracles’ teachings is freeing me to enjoy every second of my delicious incarnation!

We are magnificent… yes, we are!

With Love, gratitude, and tons of excitement for what’s coming,

PS., I look forward to seeing you at Wednesday’s Ascension with A Course In Miracles FREE Workshop!

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I believe it’s us Happy Dream Co-Creators who will co-create a New Earth… we can do this!