Hello, my Holy brothers and sisters! 

Please forgive my absence from writing blogs these last few months. I love to write but have found myself in a bit of a writing funk, which is interesting since I have felt highly inspired since this decade began!

One of the reasons for not writing is that what has been inspiring me is difficult to verbalize. In some ways, you could say that the guidance I am receiving could be categorized as science fiction when seen through the perspective of the human ego. I seriously feel we are in an episode of Star Wars, and yes, the good guys–those aligned with God–have already won the seeming battle within Consciousness.

Much of my inspiration comes from visuals and knowing of the potential New Earth that is being co-created. The visions include completely different governing systems the world over. I see new education, government, and medical procedures, which are not systems at all but are, instead, cooperative endeavors. 

I see a merging of religion and spirituality as both drop the “spiritualized” ego through ego awareness and embody God’s Love in all the ways it expresses Itself.

Ever since it became clear that the 2020 decade would symbolize the final steps on the bridge to Reality, as we shift from the human ego-run 3D world to the God-centered 5D New Earth, I knew we were in for significant turbulence. Hence, I remind my readers, coaching clients, and students to keep their seatbelts fastened until the insanity completely stops! I predict we will have a few challenging years ahead as we participate in the most significant test possible, precisely what A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is preparing us to pass.

This bridge to Reality, notice the capital R, is due to the mass spiritual ascension that is propelling humanity, like it or not, from the safe cocoon of the false ego’s virtual and made-up “reality” we were accustomed to seeming normal. As you know, the false “reality” is the imaginary world our egos have insidiously crafted. This false “reality,” made of separation, hierarchy, lack and limitation, fear and control, is being exposed and will soon come to an end, but not without the egoic controllers fighting to the bitter end. 

If you are transcending your human ego, you know the battle it wages within you. For this reason, please remember that as within, so without because everything is a hologram in Consciousness. 

Interestingly, because we all volunteered to incarnate into the matrix of the false “reality,” possible only by our ego blocking our True Reality, we didn’t know there was any other way of being. At least not until Budhha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Gandhi, MLK jr., Eckhart Tolle, and countless others, including myself, attained liberation from the ego’s matrix, which is why we share the way out of hell and into heaven. This is the spiritual journey we can all experience, but as ACIM states, few will take it until we experience Spiritual Ascension.

As you can imagine, writing about what I have been experiencing, complete with explaining exactly how the current ego-made systems must crumble, is not what most “love & light” spiritual people want to hear. Frankly, as I witnessed “spiritual” people reacting to this information, I judged you might not appreciate what I have to share. For this, please forgive me. I trust everyone will take what resonates and will leave what doesn’t.

I am clear that God has given me fundamental knowledge and obvious ways of expressing how to best prepare people on a spiritual path for what is ahead for us. For this reason, I will share the best ways to use the outer world as the way to go deeper within our inner world. I will also share the teachings of Jesus, be it from A Course In Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, or the Christ Letters, to further explain what I am receiving. 

Whether aware of it or not, we are awakening to ascend from the low frequency of existing as our ego and lifting our frequency toward God’s. The only way to navigate the seeming turbulence of ascension is to awaken and accept the metamorphosis we are undergoing. The days of being a caterpillar are over because we are smack dab in the cocoon stage of transformation. The butterfly humanity is ascending into is about to take flight. My purpose is to assist those who choose the ascension path, which is why I launched the Ascension Academy. I promise to be your spiritual guide as you journey through the final steps on the bridge to Reality.

I adore you and look forward to sharing the wisdom God shares with me. 

“No one can awaken from a dream the world is dreaming for him. He becomes a part of someone else’s dream. He cannot choose to awaken from a dream he did not make.” ACIM


You are magnificent… yes, you are!

With Love, gratitude, and tons of excitement,

Laina Orlando