Spiritual Journey Testimonials of Laina Orlando Clients

When I met Laina in 2003, my life changed. I had been on a spiritual journey for many years and was quite well versed in spiritual concepts, ideas, metaphysical beliefs, and the words and teachings of Jesus. However, it wasn’t until I entered Laina’s Course in Miracles classroom that those concepts, beliefs, ideas, and words took hold and found practical and transforming application in my life. It’s been a marvelous journey. Laina is a clear, caring, compassionate, gifted, and brutally honest teacher. We’ve heard that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I had been exposed to many teachers before Laina, but when she appeared, I was ready, the teachings took hold, and the reality of Oneness happened.


Working with Laina has been the perfect complement to my 12 steps spiritual/recovery work and has been equally challenging and rewarding. Laina introduced me to A Course in Miracles, which has been life-changing. She is more about ‘living’ than ‘studying’ the spiritual journey, so she is very accessible and transparent as a spiritual coach/advisor. Laina is always ready to assist me in using every situation as the fuel to propel me toward the next level of spiritual freedom, which she embodies beautifully. I recommend her unconditionally to anyone genuinely committed to untethering their soul and living the life of freedom we are all meant to live.


I have been on my healing journey since my early 20s. I was 38 when I started attending Laina’s workshops and A Course In Miracles classes, and it fast-tracked my spiritual journey by light years!  I tried to read ACIM independently, but it didn’t sink in, and I lost interest. Laina has a special and unique way of breaking down each lesson and making it interesting and understandable to apply to every aspect of my life.  Her teachings and coaching have transformed my entire life!


I have been on a spiritual journey all my life. I’ve read tons of books. I’ve taken class after class. I even had three copies of A Course in  Miracles. Yes, hardback, paperback, and audio, but I couldn’t get into it. In 2016, I attended a class Laina was teaching, and since that first class, I have been a student of hers. Because she teaches ACIM with clarity, joy, and passion, I was mesmerized by the truth and love in the teachings. I felt like I was coming home to my soul. I will be forever grateful to the spirit that guided me to take the class, as Laina’s teachings have blessed me incredibly. If I were to be isolated on a remote island and have only one book, it would be A Course in Miracles.


Laina is an incredible teacher of ACIM; not only I’m grateful for the opportunity to take the Course, but I’m also grateful for Laina. Her deep experience with the Course and how she lives her life are a true testament to the miracles one can experience after taking the Course. Her way of explaining and applying the lesson in daily life makes it easier to understand and fall in love with ACIM. I’m forever grateful; my life is entirely new by how ACIM has influenced it.  I can not think about living any other way now than by the lessons I learned and keep learning every day through ACIM.


Laina Orlando is a masterful teacher of A Course in Miracles. Her passion and trust in the Course shine through brilliantly as she shares personal examples from her spiritual journey and current events to help students apply the teachings in their own lives. Her presentation is enjoyable and relatable. Laina’s daily reflections on the ACIM lessons have become part of my everyday routine. This beautiful new practice has helped me anchor feelings of inner peace, gratitude, and joy. I’m so grateful to have found her.


Oh, Laina,

Since knowing you, I have had so many breakthroughs in my spiritual journey. You know what they say “When the student is ready.” I am blessed and thankful every day to be drawn onto your path.

Kathleen King

Laina, what you taught me in the Power of Awareness Retreat was priceless! The information you provided was so simple, yet it would have taken me thousands of books and many other workshops to figure out how truly magnificent I am. In 4 days, you taught me how to live my file fully. My life is forever transformed……..POA is WICKED!

Leila Barbara

Over the last 6 years, I have spent many classes exploring the depths of my spiritual journey. For some unknown reason, I always came away with a sense of incompleteness. It all came to light during your Power of Awareness retreat when I realized that you were giving me a set of tools that would enable me to self-diagnose my fears and shift them immediately when they came up. With practice, these tools will become an invaluable asset in my sessions with my coaching clients.

I would highly recommend this series of classes to anyone looking for a complete toolbox to deal with their awakening consciousness in our ever-challenging and ever-changing World.

Michael Finn

Having experienced and led many seminars, I would highly recommend POA to everyone! It provided a peaceful transformation from the pain of the past to an intoxicating, delightful adventure into knowing my truest potential! From this place of awareness has come a love affair with my truest self. Brilliant!

Sandra LeMieux