I am so excited to be writing to you on my 60th birthday!

Do you know why?

Because ever since 2007, when I heard that my life’s purpose was to teach others the steps I was being guided on for spiritual mastery, teaching and coaching have been the greatest gift of my life! Today, on December 6, 2021, I feel that I have another three decades to continue gifting to the world the very gift I continue to receive: remembering that we are magnificent indeed. How groovy is that?!

I feel so grateful to have enjoyed the last four weeks with my daughter, Lauren, and my grandson, Ryder. We spent the first two weeks of November in Colorado and then in Atlanta for the past two weeks, where we enjoyed an incredible Thanksgiving celebration with our family. The day before Lauren and Ryder left, we had time to set up our Christmas tree and get a photo that included our sweet Sandy girl.

As I contemplate the past six decades of my notable incarnation, I am most grateful for the last two because of the transformation I have experienced. Shifting from living in ego-made fear and disconnected from God and then lifting my consciousness to live as Love and in Oneness with God wasn’t easy, but it has always been a simple process. The process is what I am blessed to be able to teach.

Now that I comfortably walk the talk, I am committed to co-creating A New Earth with those who decide to transcend their ego’s ways by surrendering to God. I only see a glorious New Earth emerging for those ready to co-created it, even while we continue to observe the darkness of the ego’s ways occurring for transmutation. To which I say, bring it on! Awakening prepares us for the significant shift that will complete by the end of this decade.

As you can see in this photo, I am one happy abuelita to Ryder and mom to Sandy!

And, as if four weeks with Ryder wasn’t enough, he and his glorious mama return on December 13 for another ten days in Atlanta! I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for my present to arrive next week!

I am excited to announce that I have finalized the upcoming 2022 Spiritual Mastery Program details. I have been offering this year-long program since 2018. In 2022, I’ll take 12 participants on a journey through the 40 Days and 40 Nights Jesus teaches in the book A Course of Love, which He channeled as a follow-up to A Course In Miracles.

2022 Spiritual Mastery is for students intimately aware of their ego because they understand that’s the path to Sovereignty, so they live the teachings of A Course In Miracles. Participation in Mastery, as it has always been, is based on an interview to ensure we are a good match for this deep-diving journey!

To learn more about the year-long program, please watch this video. Although I say 2021 at the start of the video, I meant to say 2022! 😉

As 2021 comes to its rightful conclusion, I hope you feel clear, grounded, and confident of your Sovereignty, precisely as God created you.

As the world continues to provide evidence of the old and worn-out egoic ways humanity has been operating under, more and more of those corrupted systems are destined to break down. The process is a simple choice between God and ego, although the breakdown is never easy!

Humanity and planet earth are undergoing a collective dark night of the Soul. How else can our Soul break through the confinements it has been relegated to while we allowed our ego and its greedy, selfish ways to run the planet?

In December, may you remember that you are the world’s light? Your purpose, given to you by our Creator, is to accept your eternal nature, embody your Sovereignty, and claim happiness as your birthright!

With Love, deep gratitude, and excitement for what’s Awakening.