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Weekly Events

Ascension with A Course In Miracles

In the midst of increasing instability and growing fears there is a calm and mighty power within us we must learn to access and activate. It is our God given birthright to be happy, peaceful and free and A Course In Miracles will teach us the way to experience this truth.

Wednesdays @ 12 Noon EST
Online on Zoom
Free Event

Highlights of Laina’s Classes, Workshops, and Events!

Laina has conducted a plethora of classes, workshops, and zoom events that have transformed lives through her spiritual teachings since 2007!

  • Laina’s teachings encourage participants to embark on a journey from their head to their heart. The ultimate goal is to shift from egoic fear frequencies and lift themselves to God’s love vibration.
  • Laina’s workshops are interactive, thought-provoking, and filled with life-transforming Ahas!
  • Whether someone is new on their journey or an advanced student of the Truth, Laina’s classes always meet each student exactly where they are on their spiritual journey while at the same time motivating them to stretch their awareness a little bit further!
  • Laina makes Spiritual Truths easy to understand and practical to apply to everyday life; she also makes learning and healing fun.
  • Truth is Simple, and because Laina presents it as such, not only is it more memorable, it becomes more relatable and easier to embody.

2019 ACIM Spiritual Mastery Class