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The 40 Days and 40 Nights Through A Course Of Love

At some point on their Spiritual Ascension Journey, spiritually mature students hear the call to Mastery. The call is clear, and the path is singular and narrow for anyone ready and willing to allow the walk and the talk to become congruent. Mastery, then, is not only the acceptance that you and God are One; it is the lived embodiment of Oneness! 

A major difference between A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love has to do with the movement into the Time of Christ, which is direct learning in union and relationship with God.

Spiritual Mastery 2023 Registration

Being spiritually awakened and living 24/7 as the Essence of Spirit, are two completely different things. Choosing to be outwardly Loving and yet holding fears and resentments deep within, so no one will see them, keeps you in a state of confusion that blocks your authenticity from emerging.

If You Are Ready to Answer the Call to Spiritual Mastery,
the 2023 Spiritual Mastery Program Has Been Designed For You!

Since Unconditional Love is what God created you to be, the only practice you can participate in is to consciously and deliberately practice embodying the essence of Love. For this to become effortless, you must come to know yourself in a new way without the perceptions of the ego-mind. As you come to know yourself as you indeed are, you will begin to hear the language of A Course of Love as the language of your own heart, where what you mean to God will be revealed.

You are invited to participate in a unique program designed to provide you with the necessary spiritual coaching and tools to assist you in accepting The Master of Love that already exists within you. Laina will support you through an 11-month journey that will allow you to consistently practice Embodying Unconditional Love, no matter what life sends your way!

2023 is Your Year to Untether Your Soul and

Embrace Your Authenticity!

Utilizing the time-tested teachings from Jesus, as offered to us in A Course of Love, which is a continuation of the teachings in A Course In Miracles, each of the 12 participants in The 2023 Spiritual Mastery program will develop the Characteristics of patience, gentleness, trust, and joy embodied by every Master who has walked upon this earth, from Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad to modern Masters, such as Gandhi, Eckhart Tolle, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Your life will profoundly change as you journey through the teachings of 40 Days and 40 Nights:

  • Acceptance of Jesus, as taught in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love
  • Acceptance of your Real Self
  • Acceptance of your True Power, Abundance, and Freedom
  • Recognition of the new form of temptations
  • Access and embody Christ Consciousness
  • Experience Union with your Self, Jesus, May, All That Is, and God
  • Prepare to transition to the New as we find and enter Paradise
  • Distinguish between the levels of experience within Mastery
  • Move from external to internal direct experiences
  • Explore Existence as you embody Wholeness
  • Experience your Self as the power of God
  • Learn to say YES to God’s Power in order to be in relationship with All That Is
  • Know who we are in Unity

By committing to the practice of Embodying your Self anew you are guaranteed to experience more forgiveness, kindness, inner peace, abundance, and unconditional love in your life. Your relationship with God, yourself, and with others, will be transformed as you Embody a Higher Frequency from which you extend your Self. Your passion for life and physical vitality will increase because of the miracles you will activate.


Meet Laina

A modern-day mystic, Laina Orlando simplifies spiritual coaching for today’s seeker of Truth through her fresh, fun, and intuitive perspective. Laina’s own spiritual awakening in 2007 propelled her to share what is possible when one truly commits to navigating the path of Self-awareness. As a mother, sister, friend, author, speaker, coach, creator of Power of Awareness workshops, and teacher of A Course in Miracles & A Course of Love, her mission is to awaken humanity to the magnificence within. Laina is very clear that if she can awaken, anybody can, Her mantra is: Life is fun and easy!

Participants in previous Spiritual Mastery Programs Had This to Say: 

“This class, based on the ACIM Teachers Manual, is one of the best classes Laina has offered.  I am always teaching something and learning something, in all my relationships, unfortunately I am usually reinforcing a fear-based belief system of trying to control others, which never works.  This class allowed me to turn my life into a positive teaching/learning experience by encouraging me to recognize fears as they came up and undoing them instead of passing them on and reinforcing ideas that don’t work.  You will see your life transformed if you commit to learning new concepts and putting them into practice through this class.  Life is a team sport and Laina is an excellent teacher/coach. Becoming more open minded is the best way to live in the reality of the moment, instead of staying stuck in the past with my old ideas.   When I’m truly open-minded miracles can happen, the possibilities become infinite.” 
Elaine (Graduate of the 2018 Spiritual Mastery)

“I have been a seeker all my life. I’ve read tons of books. I’ve taken class after class. I even had three copies of A Course in  Miracles. Yes, hardback, paperback, and audio, but I couldn’t get into it. In 2016, I attended a class Laina was teaching, and since that first class, I have been a student of hers. Because she teaches ACIM with clarity, joy, and passion, I was mesmerized by the truth and love in the teachings. I felt like I was coming home to my soul. I will be forever grateful that Spirit guided me to take the class, as Laina’s teachings have blessed me incredibly. I can’t wait for the next year in Spiritual mastery because I gain so much each time I am in Laina’s classes.” 

Dondra (Graduate of the 2018, 2019 & 2020 Spiritual Mastery)

Laina Orlando is a masterful teacher of A Course in Miracles. Her passion and trust in the Course shine through brilliantly as she shares personal examples from her own life and current events to help students apply the teachings in their own lives. Her presentation is enjoyable and relatable. Laina’s daily reflections on the ACIM lessons have become part of my everyday routine. This beautiful new practice has helped me anchor feelings of inner peace, gratitude, and joy. I’m so grateful to have found her.”

Angela (Graduate of the 2019 & 2020 Spiritual Mastery)

The most significant opportunity provided through this 11-month journey is accepting the Essence of Unconditional Love at the core of your Being! From fear to Love, The Inner Shift will produce Miracles so profound that sincere participants will feel that nothing is as essential as being a living example of the Grace of God in action. Once you experience the healing power from the teachings of A Course of Love in 40 Days and 40 Nights will produce your human ego mask to fall, revealing the authentic brilliance that has been, all along, hiding within you. This brilliance is the magnificence of your individual Soul/Spirit awakening during this time of humanity’s significant Shifts in Consciousness.

Spirituality is the journey of becoming Self-Aware that all you’ve ever desired already exists within you, exactly where God placed it. During this year-long journey you will be coached into accessing, and awakening, the Christ Consciousness or Buddha Nature that is within you. This process will take place as you face the fears that will inevitably be activated through the weekly gatherings and practice assignments. The ongoing invitation that Mastery offers is for you to love your Self enough to say YES, to living exactly as God created you to be: Unconditionally Loving!

As a Bonus for Participating in the 2023 Spiritual Mastery Program…

2020 Spiritual Mastery Class

Laina will facilitate 2 monthly group Spiritual Coaching sessions in order to more deeply integrate the A Course of Love (ACOL) teachings into your daily life. This will take place via Zoom and will be supported within a private Facebook Group. “A Course of Love is not a course for the mind but for the heart. It is not a way of thought and effort but a way of feeling, of ease, and direct experience.” ~ ACOL

Spiritual Mastery 2023 Registration

Here are the Results You Can Expect From

Participating in the 2023 Spiritual Mastery Program


Make lifelong friends with 12 Spiritual Masters


24/7 access to support, via a private Facebook Group


Embody Unconditional Love by discerning how different it is from conditional love, which is actually not love but manipulation


Deep healing through the ACIM Forgiveness Practice


Learn to Shift and Lift your Vibration at Will


A deeper, honest and lasting relationship with the God of your own understanding


Liberation from your Ego thoughts and alignment with your Spirit's knowing


Healthy and more authentic relationships at work, in friendships and with family


A sincere desire to be in service to humanity as we navigate the Great Awakening


Clear Awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so you can appropriately respond instead of reacting in any circumstance


Clarity and confidence about your Oneness with Jesus, Mary, God and with All That Is


More fun and ease in your life

How to Enroll in the 2023 Spiritual Mastery Program

Due to the advanced nature of study and commitment required to master it everyone interested in participating must schedule a 30-minute interview with Laina Orlando. This process will ensure that each participant is fully aware of every aspect of the 2023 Spiritual Mastery program, as well as assess each participant’s level of readiness for Mastery in order to experience individual success.

Please email to schedule your interview
by the final date of December 20, 2022.

Details for the 2023 Spiritual Mastery Program


When: Meet Every Monday evening from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm EST


Where: Private Zoom Group


Private Facebook Group for support, deepening friendships, delivery of assignments and accountability partners


Bonus Group Coaching Calls


Buddy Accountability throughout the year


Reading assignments to deepen Spiritual Mastery


2 One-Day Intensive Workshops in person or Zoom


Maximum number of participants is 12

Monthly investment is only $195 for 11 payments or, $1,930 that reflects a 10% discount when program is paid in full. Once you are accepted into the 2023 Spiritual Mastery Program you will receive a registration and payment link.

Here’s what more Participants of Spiritual Mastery have to Say: 

“Laina is a beautiful soul and a passionate and gifted teacher with the ability to communicate information in a way that leaves you hanging on every word. She’s fun to study with and makes learning easy and interesting. Laina simplifies the journey through A Course In Miracles and makes it come to life, so you’ll stick with it. You’ll feel fully supported while making your own amazing discoveries along the way.”

Kathy (Graduate of 2019 & 2020 Spiritual Mastery)

“Laina is an incredible teacher of ACIM; not only am I grateful for the opportunity to take the Course, but I’m also grateful for Laina. Her deep experience with the Course and how she lives her life are a true testament to the miracles one can experience after taking the Course. Her way of explaining and applying the teachings in daily life makes it easier to understand and fall in love with ACIM. I’m forever grateful; my life is entirely new by how ACIM has influenced it.  I can not think about living any other way now than by the lessons I learned and keep learning every day through ACIM.” 

Grettel (Graduate of the 2019 & 2020 Spiritual Mastery)

“I’ve taken many classes, workshops, seminars and read tons of books, in my attempt to understand myself just a little more. I can see how all of the research I was doing was information gathering that prepared me for Laina’s 2018 Spiritual Mastery Program. This is where I began to actually integrate all the spiritual knowledge, I had spent years learning about. During this year I was able to really sit with, and practice, each characteristic of mastery, and see where I had been denying my Joy. 

For years I had been running around with all this new information swirling in my head, believing I had it all (or at least most of it) figured out. I could so easily see the “problems” in others and I seemed to have all the answers. Oh boy, I realized how blind I had been! There were times my ego fought against my desire to put these characteristics into practice, and there were times when I asked myself: what I’m even doing here? But my commitment to myself, and the decision to show up Authentically, was more powerful. I loved this course and I will do the daily lessons for years to come, enjoying the opportunity for deeper integration! It feels truly wonderful and freeing to have been able to break these characteristics down and experience the truth in its entirety, alongside like-minded people to share the experience with. 

Defenselessness was probably the hardest characteristic of all, for me. My ego had a field day with this one, my need to be right and in control was really taking me for a ride. It’s as if I had convinced myself that to be defenseless was to be in danger. But what I found is that when I relinquish my choice to be defensive, and just surrender, I experienced true safety and peace. Pure joy!

I chose to participate in this course and ride it out for the year, even when I felt I had fallen behind or missed a couple of classes, because it was simply fun! Also, because Laina is such a magnificent guide, and having this group to share this experience with, was something I truly needed in my life. The weekly meetings and daily practice helped hold me accountable for the life I am choosing for myself. I feel I am worth the dedication of time and space to participate in the 2018 Spiritual Mastery Program, and I’m really happy I chose to stick with it. I’d recommend this class to anyone who wants to enrich their relationships with, not only those they love, but most importantly with themselves.” 

Chasity (Graduate of the 2018 Spiritual Mastery)

With all its twists and turns, the Spiritual Journey promises each committed seeker will find the answers to all questions. However, the only essential question for achieving Mastery is: will you embody the answers offered within the teachings of A Course of Love, or will you put off embodiment a bit longer? The choice is always yours of your free will.

Mastery requires an unfailing commitment to embody the quest for Love’s expression–the quest to see, experience, and share as many of Love’s expressions as the world needs so it may be returned, along with you, to its own Self. So be it, for you are Love, being!

How to Enroll in the 2023 Spiritual Mastery Class

Due to the advanced nature, and commitment required, everyone interested in participating must schedule a 30-minute interview with Laina Orlando. This process will ensure that each participant is fully aware of every aspect of the 2023 Spiritual mastery program, as well as assess each participant’s level of readiness for Mastery in order to experience individual success.

Please email to schedule your interview
by the final date of December 20, 2022.

Spiritual Mastery 2023 Registration