How are you doing?

I am excited that some states, including Georgia, where I live, have begun to open up for business. That gave me the opportunity to head south, to Florida, where I spent last weekend visiting friends. I love the beach and thoroughly enjoyed feeling the sand between my toes and the warm sun on my skin. On Saturday, we spent part of the day stimulating the economy in Apalachicola, Florida, by dining at a local restaurant followed by a delightful shopping spree.

Although my sweetheart is still in South Africa waiting for the first flight to Georgia, he was on my mind when I found a shirt in one of his favorite shades of blue. I loved meandering through the quaint boutiques and chatting with some locals, all happy to be out and about. Although my contribution to the economy was small, my love and gratitude for the beings that are not fearing the virus, or authority figures, is great.

I realize that not everyone is experiencing the same level of freedom. Some are in states, or countries, that are still on strict lockdown and some folks are still sick or recovering, while others are grieving the loss of a loved one. Life, today, is not the old familiar life and for many, things are very confusing.

From my vantage point, as one who guides those awakening out of the illusion of separation, I can see the incredible opportunities confusion has to offer.

According to, the definition of confusion is a disturbed orientation in regard to time, place, or person, sometimes accompanied by disordered consciousness.

It is safe to say that today, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, humanity is experiencing a daily barrage of confusing and conflicting information, which generates more questions than there seem to be answers.

For many, life, as they knew it, is falling apart. From a spiritual perspective, however, the falling apart of the old is actually a portal inviting us into a new dimension of consciousness.

Please go to this link to watch a short message I prepared for you, where I share my thoughts on this topic: The Power of Confusion

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You are magnificent… yes, you are!

With Love, gratitude and tons of excitement,