Hello, Magnificent Being of Love and Light!

My last blog and video post, Racism is not Real – It’s Programmed Divisiveness, activated some wonderful conversations. One person sent a very harsh note and unsubscribed. One emailed me some harsh words, but when I asked if she had watched the video she said she hadn’t. As of today, she hasn’t unsubscribed but I am not sure if she ever watched the video. The rest of the emails I received were very touching because these people actually watched the video and heard the essence of my message.   

Since 2007, when I heard the Voice that told me I would become a spiritual teacher and an awareness coach, I have been committed to sharing the great news that we are ALL created in the image of Love. Not only are we created as equal Souls, we are at our core exactly the same because we are imaged — imagined from the exact same substance: Consciousness. 

When people are ready to accept our equality, as Souls, it becomes natural and joyful to recognize that we are truly all the same and differences as simply aspects of GSEL’s infinitely creative manifested potential. 

In case you forgot, GSEL is the acronym God asked me to call It because It said this would be more representative of what It actually is: God is the Source of the Energy of Love.

Accepting that all labels, terms, ideas, thoughts, and perspectives that activate hateful and painful divisiveness are all human ego made, requires that we reach a rather mature awareness of Self. 

Until we can accept our sameness, we will be angry and fight for equal rights for people of “different” race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc, not knowing that this is actually a clever way our ego perpetuates the illusion of division and separation. 

Anyone that listens to, and believes in, their ego-thoughts, will not be able to hear ideas that state racism is not real. And it is not real because it is not something GSEL created. It is a man-made thought system that once we stop believing it will, on its own, cease to exist — much like dinosaurs who become extinct when their purpose is over.

Now, let’s address how to eradicate racism, and all divisive man-made ideas that create human suffering, regardless of where they show up, be it in intimate relationships, with coworkers or friendships, and in communities or global settings. 

For a detailed explanation of the 2-prong approach to eradicating divisiveness and align with our Oneness, please watch this video: This & That – A Balanced Path to Awakening.

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Now, let’s shift the conversation…  

Those of us awakening and committed to embodying the Love and Light frequency we know that we are, must commit to a regular practice of alignment with GSEL. This can be done individually through meditation, walks in nature, or quiet contemplation. For those who enjoy community settings, like me, I was inspired to launch a weekly event for Lightworkers to participate in a collective high-frequency transmission of Love and Light. 

This brand new weekly experience is called The Ascension Hour and we start next week on Tuesday, July 7th. The Ascension Hour will be 60 minutes of teaching, followed by 30 minutes of Q+A and sharing. There’s no commitment required, you can join us for as many sessions as you’d like and on whichever weeks work best for you. 

I hope you’ll join me! For details and registration links, please visit my website via this link:  https://lainaorlando.com/ascensionhour/

You are magnificent… yes, you are!

With Love, gratitude and tons of excitement,