I trust that you, being the powerful creator that you are, are comfortable tapping into the unlimited source of peace and wellbeing. After all, if you follow my work, I know you are awakening to the Truth of who you are: a magnificent being made in the image of the Creator of Creation Itself! Yes, we are uber-powerful!

Last week, I had every intention of hosting a Shift & Lift! LIVE Virtual Workshop…

Truth be told, I did not host the workshop because I had some Shifting and Lifting to do on me!

I am, first and foremost, a student of what I teach. I teach what I receive, and it either comes through inner guidance or from Sources that calibrate at the high frequency of Love, such as A Course In Miracles or The Bhagavad Gita.

The Shift & Lift! 4-step process for aligning with our Authentic Self, whether you call it Soul or Spirit, is the tool I was guided to teach in 2007 and do so to this day because of how powerful it is. Although it is a simple process, it is not easy to do the first few times because it demands a level of honesty most of us are not used to. Without radical honesty no one can awaken.

Speaking of honesty, something happened last week I want to share with you…

I have been teaching and coaching since 2007 and the bulk of that time I’ve been helping my students distinguish between the voices of love and fear, meaning the voices of our Soul/Spirit and our ego. Since 2010 (hard to believe it’s been a decade!), I realized that learning to choose between these two voices is what the spiritual journey is about. Then, in 2012, I had an epiphany (thanks to A Course In Miracles)…

I realized that choosing between love and fear is simply self-awareness. Awakening, on the other hand, is not a choice at all but a commitment to be—to embody—what we actually are: Love!

One who is awake is not looking for approval, agreement, or even understanding, because when we are clear about who we are, an individualized expression of GSEL, what is there to need from another?

In our awakened state, our wholeness is as given as is the color of our eyes. And being loving is as essential as breathing.

Last week I was guided by GSEL to support Donald Trump’s re-election. Believe me, I resisted this guidance as I wagged my finger at GSEL, knowing full well It has never led me astray. I am very well practiced at distinguishing the voices of GSEL and my ego, so I sat in meditation to receive more details. Then I felt the exquisite peace of alignment fall over me. In that stillness GSEL speaks to me of the coming potentials and the role I am to play. I always have free choice to go against guidance and those potentials are also shown to me. My choice was easy because the potentials that are coming if I choose to follow guidance are way better for me, and for the collective.

I have learned, through experience, that my attempts at resisting GSEL only makes things harder. Precisely, because of my obstacle building experience, I am now fairly quick to accept guidance so things can keep flowing. The best part of accepting is that I experience no guilt when I follow guidance. Plus, I also feel an incredible amount of love and inner peace every single time I listen and follow.

Truth be told, when I first heard that I was to do some research on Trump, I resisted. But it didn’t last long because I became aware of all of the judgmental ego thoughts in my head that disturbed my peace. So, I did what I teach, I Shifted and Lifted.

Clearly, that didn’t keep me from offering my workshop last weekend, but the number of people upset with me did. You see, I had so much love flowing from me that I spent a fair amount of time last week answering the many Facebook posts and messages I received from the not too happy campers.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I was also guided to post my decision on FB, which I also resisted. Again, because I trust GSEL I knew only good could come from this and with 452 FB replies, countless messages, texts and phone calls later, I didn’t have time to adequately prepare for the workshop. I do, however, feel that I was exactly where I needed to be addressing the exact people that most needed my unconditional love.

I’ll sum up this blog by sharing a snippet out of the long Facebook thread from my friend Brenda who wrote,

“I’m very sad to see so many people judge you for exercising your right as an American to support the candidate of your choice. There should be no judging of you for your decision.” I replied, “Brenda, you are very kind. Fortunately, I’ve learned to recognize that all judgment is a reflection of our own unhealed pain so these sweet beings are simply calling for love. Each negative post allows me to send more love, not because I have thick skin, but because the Truth has softened my heart. Thank you for being such a lovely being.”

With that magnificent experience behind me, I have rescheduled the Shift & Lift Live Virtual Workshop for Saturday, May 2nd.

For all of the workshop details, including the registration link, please go to this page:

By the way, I created a video where I go into more detail about my Trump experience and the incredible insights I gained from it. GSEL, as always, was right about the potentials, not just for me, but for the greater good of all mankind, which is coming because I became still and listened. Truth be told, here’s the link to the rest of the story!

(GSEL: God is the Source of the Energy of Love)

You are magnificent… yes, you are!

With Love, appreciation and tons of excitement,