One of the biggest obstacles we face in our desire to make this our best year actually lives inside our own minds. Most of us experience a flood of negative chatter on a daily basis that reminds us of our weaknesses and reinforces our limitations. For example,

  • “I shouldn’t have said that.”
  • “I really blew it this time.”
  • “I can never get anything right.”
  • “who would ever want me?”
  • “They won’t like me.”
  • “I”m not smart/rich/pretty/tall/skinny
    /important/southern enough to get…______________.”

Does any of this lovely self-talk sound familiar?

Instead of taking this negative and dis-empowering internal conversation  personally, I refer to is simply as my ego creating drama to feed off of. Like a loud and obnoxious off Broadway performer, my ego likes to get attention through it’s silly dramatic performance. Which, I now turn off as it only repeats the same lines over and over again. Like a play that has run it’s course, it’s time for the curtain to fall on this dramatic performance. I like to say it served me until it doesn’t.

The good news is that each of us has the ability to choose (making healthy choices is a conscious act…woo-hoo!) to listen to this disempowering self-talk or re-write the script so the internal voice is whispering empowering messages to you. Such as:

  • “I am magnificent.”
  • “I can do anything I want.”
  • “Try it, I might like it.”
  • “I am happy to be me.”

This week, pay attention to your inner dialogue. If you hear disempowering thoughts, say to yourself, “Aha! I am being visited by my drama mama or papa!” Then rather than wasting any of your time and energy listening to it, analyzing it, or negotiating with it, just acknowledge it for what it is: a recording of old stories that no longer serves you. If you are beginning to awaken your consciousness, practice changing the message you hear. If you’ve been expanding your consciousness for a while, then you know the best practice is to turn off the chatter all together.

Your assignment this week is to become conscious that you are the one who owns this voice and you are the only one who has the power to change the conversation or to turn it off.  You are powerful!