By registering for a virtual event with Laina, you agree to the following:

Virtual Event Terms

No refunds will be offered for this virtual event. You may transfer your registration to another individual or for a future event. Please email us at if you’d like to transfer your registration. Requests to transfer registration must be received at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Virtual Event Participant Guidelines

You are invited to keep your video on, assuming you are joining from a distraction-free area. Otherwise, please keep your video off so all participants can remain focused. If you aren’t in a private place, please use earphones. 

We will be muting everyone during the transmission portion (first 60 minutes) of the session. The additional 30 minutes will be open for sharing and Q&A. To share or ask a question, please use the “Raise your hand” option. 

Zoom chat: I will not be monitoring it or reviewing questions there, but you are welcome to use the chat throughout the transmission. Please remember to be kind and respectful to all participants. Because I am unable to monitor the chat while teaching, I ask that you do not attempt to coach, guide, or provide advice to other participants to ensure there is no conflicting information. 

Virtual Event Privacy

By participating in this virtual event, you agree to respect the privacy of all participants and not to share participant information or topics that are discussed during the event.

All participants will have access to the recording of our virtual event. Please know that if you choose to be on camera, or share or ask questions, that will be visible and heard by all event participants and included in the event recording. While all participants agree to keep our event content, participants, and discussions private, you should be aware of how your image/voice/participation will be shared. NO part of our event will be made available to individuals who did not register for the paid event. 

If you have questions about these terms, guidelines, or privacy policy, please email me at