Tomorrow is a big day in history-not just for America, but also for Mother Earth-marked by the most contentious elections ever recorded.

If we choose to focus on the differences offered by each candidate, we will certainly take sides, as each of us will be drawn to the one we believe will best protect and champion what we individually value most: gender of the president, religion, ethnicity, money, the environment, the Constitution, freedom of speech, uncensored Internet, trade agreements, war, guns, peace, foreign policy, healthcare, reproductive rights, mass incarceration, legalization or criminalization of drugs, death penalty, cost of college, social security, taxes, federal deficit, right to marry, supreme court appointments, integrity or corruption, term limits or career politicians, and the list goes on. This type of choice will be guided by our ego. You can be certain that our choice, if we dare examine it closely, will be made from fear. The reason is simple: we will be placing our safety in something temporary, and ever-changing, because even if our candidate wins, what we believe we are voting for may never get implemented, and if it does, the next president could change it.

These elections have brought to the surface what everyone believes is right or wrong; good or and bad; sane or insane. I certainly have been noticing the polarity within my own perceptions, and each time I’m aware of this I become curious of my motives, and I ask:
“What am I valuing here?”
This questions snaps me out of my polarized judgment, and causes me to widen my perspective until it merges with God’s.

Each time I scale to the top of the perspectives mountain, I can see clearer what’s taking place in the valley below. I am left quite amused at the insanity of our human ego, as I watch friends, relatives, media channels, politicians, co-workers, or casual social media connections get caught up warring over political affiliations. Each defending their positions by attacking the other’s, justifying resentments as aggressive behaviors are condoned.
All for what?
To feed our ego’s fear induced self-righteousness.
I too am guilty as charged.

When I sit atop the perspectives mountain and listen-truly listen-I feel the peace of God/Source/Creator/Universe wash over me. It reminds me that what is eternal is not only never changing, but it will never cease to be. As I take in this Truth I ask for guidance on what I should do in the ever-changing world of human choices. The guidance is always constant: choose for the greater good of all, as that is the antidote to the ego’s selfishly motivated fears.
Ahhh, I softly sigh, the choice is always the same: Love or fear.

We all know, and many of us even revere, those who stand for others and/or for the planet. We know innately that they are selfless, and in some way, we can feel they are also standing for us. Yet, how often in our busy American way of life, do we get the chance to cast one single vote that will impact our entire country, and in many ways the whole planet?

On the evening of November 8th the results of the votes, be they rigged or legitimately counted, will reflect where, as a nation, we rest on the vibrational scale between love and fear, me and we, -God or ego.

As a humanity, we are spiritually immature, evidenced by the rampant selfishness of greed, massive corruption, senseless wars, and the all-around inhumane treatment of many of our brothers and sisters. At the same time, there is an increasingly vocal, and now more visible, minority of spiritually mature beings who are steadfastly purifying the vibrational countenance of the whole, by making their choices from love, compassion and equality.

These peaceful warriors are evidenced in places like Standing Rock, The Pachamama Alliance, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and the Green Party, and in countless places, be they in public or private sectors, were research for natural medicines, cures for illnesses, solutions to pollution, championing of equality, planet-wide sustainability, healthy organic foods, and courageous help for refugees, among many other wonderful strides for humanity, are being made.

As long as we believe our protection is in the hands of another, especially one anointed superior in power, like a president, we will make choices based on fear and our selfishly motivated needs. However, when we choose for the greater good of others, we will come closer to knowing what God knows: peace rests in unity because to choose for all is to vote for Love, which is the only thing that is eternal and changeless.

We are all awakening, even if not everyone is aware of this. And even while we are awakening, fear will creep into the choices we make. Let that be OK. Let if just inform you that your perspective is not one with God’s. This peaceful acceptance is what will allow us all to soften our stance toward each other, once the new President of the United States is announced. And regardless of who they are, they will simply be a reflection of where, as a nation of many individuals, we are on the climb from fear to love, from the valley to the mountain top. How else could we possibly know the boundaries to our love unless we bump up against the edges of our fears?

It’s not the candidate we vote for that matters. It’s what we value when we vote that does: Love or fear, God or ego, selfish greed or the Greater Good!

At the end of the day, what is eternal and real-love-will still be eternal and real. In this awareness our peace lies.

God has blessed us with the power to choose between love or fear!