We are One! 

A fascinating aspect of the Journey to Awakening is the dynamic of paradoxes. The deeper I delve into the mystery of Consciousness more paradoxes emerge. The paradox I am contemplating now is the incredible idea, which is incomprehensible to our human ego mind, is that, although we think we are alone and separate, we are All, actually, One! 

All Awakening begins with curiosity, and so it was for me. While grieving my mom’s passing, I became curious as to why I was so afraid of dying. After all, I was healthy and only 41 years young! As I became self-aware of my fears, beliefs and then my ego, I was able to trace those fears to the indoctrination I had received from my Catholic upbringing, which taught that we are all sinners destined to go to hell. Mom, because I knew her very well and she was no saint, surely, if the teachings were true, was now skewered onto a rotisserie, eternally churning & burning in hell.  Clearly, that scared the crap out of me.

Five years later, almost to the day mom passed, my Awakening intensified when I had an encounter of the best kind, with God.  At that time, I knew I was on a Spiritual Journey and was becoming self-aware. But what I did not know, yet, was that to fully Awaken I had to dissolve everything I had previously come to believe was true about myself, others, about life, God, science, schooling, the government, money, healthcare, you name it!

When I met and merged with God, I experienced what I Am. I Realized The Truth and I remembered my Soul’s purpose. You see, during that experience, the idea that I was a separate and independent self, apart and alone, better or lessen than others, depending on who I compared myself to, dissolved. My mind went blank and all old thinking seized. I experienced pure awe for God, which, needless to say, was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and that experience has not left me since. 

I was in awe of the vastness of what had been previously unknown, unseen or taboo. I was in awe of the Love I felt. This Love was so Powerful and Pure that it stopped time and merged me with Eternity. It stopped my limited knowledge as I was given access to all Knowing. In the presence of that Love, my ego-self dissolved and my Soul/Spirit emerged. I knew, and deeply felt, the Essence of my Being, call it Soul or Spirit, as my Real and Authentic Self. Experiencing that Love vaporized the idea that I was separate or alone. I came to Know that I and my Father/Mother/God are One.

God made it clear that It Is The Source of the Energy of Love, which I affectionately came to call GSEL. GSEL showed me that although I seem to experience being separate and on my own, in Reality, I have never been alone. It’s actually an impossibility to be alone since I am made of Energy, which is another word for Consciousness.  Everything, including you, the grains of sand on the beach, the planets, each blade of grass and every sinner and saint is made of the exact same One Loving Energy!

GSEL made Real, within me, during that 45-minute encounter The Truth that is taking me well over eleven years to integrate and embody, and its only just begun!  You see, each of us has built an intricate web of beliefs, called our ego, that makes us think and then perceive that we are separate and apart from each other, and therefore from God. This sense of separation instills fear and convinces us that it’s every man and woman for themselves in this dog-eat-dog world. This way of perceiving life is so distorted, and because it has been believed for thousands of years, it causes us to fear, hate and hurt each other since our belief in separation justifies our belief in attack for survival. The ego belief structure is supported, and becomes solidified, when two or more of us agree with it.  As you can imagine, if 8 billion people believe we are separate and in survival mode war for protection seems justified!

It took me weeks to come down from the High I experienced when I transcended my ego and merged with GSEL. As I came back into my “old-self,” I began to see that, although I was shown Truth, my 45 years of habitual thinking and behaviors were still on autopilot. In essence, my Soul had long ago been relegated to the back of the bus and my ego was driving it. No wonder life seemed so chaotic and fearful!

This is when I knew I had to take full responsibility for what was happening within me: my thoughts, beliefs, ideas and emotions. By the grace of GSEL I was given a rare glimpse into the Reality of my Soul/Spirit so I could contrast it with the insanity of my human ego. That contrast was as clear as day and night; Light and dark; Love and fear. From that moment forward there was only one purpose for me: to Embody Being One Love!

Realizing that I Am made of the Energy of Love, Eternal and One with All That Is, completely shifted my world. Of course, I had to learn to walk the talk, but that is what the last eleven years, and the rest of this lifetime, are for. The work of Awakening comes in two stages: Self-Awareness is first, then comes abiding in Awakening. Simply put, we must first become aware of what we are not: fearful and separate egos. Then, the journey calls us to practice being—abiding as—what we are: Love. This is when it became clear to me that we all incarnate to experience being humans to Love each other, but along the way we fall asleep and dream that we are separate and alone. My encounter with GSEL was waking me up so I could remember and embody Truth. By the way, many of us that are self-aware are now—in mass—Awakening to our Truth…YAY!!!!

In order to master being what we are we can’t just “know” intellectually that we are the One Eternal Energy of Love. Rather, we must choose to Be what we are. We must embody it by Being it within every cell of our body. You see, what Is Love is here to Love All that It Is. Yes, GSEL, through each of us, is here to Love each of us. It’s really that simple, but not so easy. Hey, it’s taking me years to become patient, compassionate and kind with All That Is, but we each start somewhere, and it expands from there!

I had to practice compassion with myself, and then with everyone else. A Course In Miracles is clear that giving is how we receive, therefore, if I wanted to receive acceptance I had to start by accepting myself, then do the same with others. If I wanted to experience world peace, I had to make peace within myself, then with others. If I wanted to receive compassion, you got it, I had to learn to be compassionate with myself, first, then I extend it to others.  

Although it became clear that being alone is impossible because we are made of the same One Energy, it was just as clear that we must each come to accept Our Oneness as our Reality of our own free will, and in our own timing. The reason is that each us, at the Soul level before we incarnated as humans, chose to experience being individual—separated—aspects of GSEL. For this reason, we alone, must consciously choose to accept that We are actually One. By the way, we only realize, and accept this, once we begin to awaken. Before Awakening, even as I was becoming self-aware, this was just crazy-talk to me. 

My dearest One, please consider giving yourself the greatest gift of all: becoming curious about the possibility that, indeed, We are One!

Click here for a YouTube about us being One Energy, One Love, One Consciousness, One with God and One with each other! If we all believed Truth, then, we would be able to create Heaven on Earth! I trust the information shared in this video will warm your heart and you’ll remember the Truth of what we are: One!  

“God created you by extending Himself as you.” 
– A Course In Miracles

PS., I now know that my mom is not churning and burning in hell because there is no such place. Heaven and hell are both beliefs and, therefore, just states of mind. She is, just like me, a Soul cruising the Universe of infinite possibilities extending Love and Light to All That Is, wherever and whenever she feels like it!

With Love, Gratitude and Excitement,