On Saturday afternoon, I, Laina Orlando, your ascension guide, felt a strong impulse to water my front yard and headed there. As I finished my task, my neighbor Michelle and her daughter Irene happened to walk by with their two dogs and a rescue. It’s not unusual for them to foster rescued pets as they volunteer at a local shelter, from where they adopted one of their dogs. 

The rescue, Pandora, and I locked eyes, and her gentle and friendly demeanor captured my attention. She seems part boxer and pitbull, and having grown up with boxers; I immediately felt a connection to her.

They were quick to suggest I adopt her and gave me the story of how a neighbor found Pandora after four days alone in the house her family had left her in when they moved out. I immediately felt a tug at my heart, so I called Christo to come to rescue me!

He, too, began to feel something for Pandora, and we decided to have her spend the next day with us so we could better gauge if we were a good fit for each other.

The following day Christo and I had a wonderful conversation. Neither of us was looking for a pet. Both of us travel and enjoy the freedom of not being responsible for another living being when we plan to be away. For this reason, I shared that my heart could feel the connection with Pandora, whom we started calling Pandy. Being an incredible voice of reason, he reminded me why we might not want to adopt Pandy.

At that point, I felt it in my heart, and it became clear that if I allowed this desire to guide us, there couldn’t possibly be any obstacles. That’s how God works; when we align with His will, we will experience miracles along the way.

The New Earth will be created by those that follow the impulse of expansion, and adopting Pandy would expand us out of our comfort zone. If we say no, we would remain in the same size and comfortable box. At that moment, we both knew. Let’s expand, adopt and adapt.

Soon, Pandy was at our door, and we were ready to spend the day getting to know each other. It was effortless.

The night before, I mentioned that we might adopt Pandy, and our friend Mary suggested we choose another name. Once we had Pandy with us, I began to feel about what could be the best name for her, and Sandy immediately came to mind. Within 2 minutes, Christo came from another room and said that Pandy reminded him of his dog, which he had four decades before, in South Africa, named Sandy! This was miracle #1.

I knew God was using synchronicity to expand our box!

We went on a walk through the ‘hood, and it was a delightful experience. Everyone we encountered loved Sandy. The name Sandy rolled off of everyone’s tongue.

Once we returned her to our neighbor’s home, we went to a few stores. We gathered all necessary supplies to ensure our girl felt at home, comfortable, and had the proper food, snacks, and toys. The store happened to have a 20% discount for anyone purchasing all necessary supplies for a pet. Miracle #2.

First thing Monday morning, we submitted our adoption request and are ready for Sandy to become ours. This week only, the shelter is waiving all adoption fees. Miracle #3

My three children are excited to meet her. Lauren, Eric, and Ryder are visiting in two weeks, and I can’t wait to see Sandy with Ryder.

It’s so exciting following guidance and allowing God to bring into my experience everything necessary for the fun and ease of what’s in service to the fulfillment of life’s impulse to extend and express, to simply appear.

Those who know we are entitled to miracles from a humble and trusting place answer the call to co-create A New Earth, which lies well beyond our familiar 3D box.

Oh, and Irene has volunteered to babysit Sandy whenever we go out of town. Our first trip is next month, and we already know Sandy will be in great hands right next door. Miracle #4